Should You Be More Social at Work?[Quiz]

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Being social at work can help you boost your work performance, and it can also help make you happier at work. In fact, research says that having friends at work is crucial to a person’s happiness

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People with friends at work are also more motivated, and they perform better overall so it’s important to take the time at work to get to know your colleagues and form some kind of bond with them.

The quiz below will help you tell if you need to put some more effort into being social at work. Answer the questions honestly and share your results with us in the comment section below.

  • Do you have a lunch buddy?

  1. Sure I do, it’s called a smartphone, and it’s never once commented on how smelly my lunch is.
  2. A lunch buddy you say? As in someone who sits with you during lunch? Well, if I was ever to start having a lunch break maybe I’d consider finding a lunch buddy as well.
  3. Of course! It’s more of a lunch gang really. It’s great fun; I just can’t wait for lunch hour every day!
  4. Yeah, I sort of do. A person sometimes asks me if I’m taking my break when they are ready to take theirs so when they do, I go sit with said person. But when nobody asks I just hang back to my desk and eat there.
  • Have you ever hung out with anyone from the office after work?

  1. Why would anyone do that to themselves?
  2. No, not really. I haven’t gotten a single Happy Hour invite in the past six months, I wouldn’t have the time either, there’s too much work to be done at the office. I never leave the office till it’s pitch black outside.
  3. Of course, Fridays are after work Happy Hour days, and then once a month we play some sports together, oh and we also have weekend getaways every now and then.
  4. I hang out with a couple of work friends on a regular basis, as for the rest of the office, I doubt they know I exist.
  • Do you participate in non work-related conversations at work?

  1. Just listening to my colleagues makes me feel exhausted.
  2. Non-work related conversations?! Why would we ever talk about anything other than work?
  3. Definitely, I am currently involved in a Batman vs Superman debate.
  4. Well, I do talk to my cubicle mate about random things every so often, does that count?
  • Do the people in your office know about your obsessions?

  1. My colleagues don’t even know my relationship status
  2. Of course, they do. I’ve just now reminded them not to use yellow highlighters seeing as that is my colour.
  3. Yeah, and the teasing never ends.
  4. Umm, not really, but to be honest with you, I seriously doubt they’d be interested.
  • If you got stuck on an island with your colleagues, you’d probably…

  1. I’d walk to the other end of the island just to be away from them.
  2. Would there be wifi? Because I hear remote working isn’t all that bad.
  3. Have soooo much fun! Like seriously, it’d be party from dawn to dusk.
  4. Be the first to be eaten, of course.

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More As:  Maybe it’s time you thought about moving to greener pastures. Becoming social at work seems to be of no interest to you, so you have to consider whether that reflects how interested you are in your work overall.

More Bs: Workaholic much? You seriously need to understand that work is not all about work. Work relationships are just as important so take the time to get to know your colleagues outside the work context. Remember that managerial positions go to people who can manage people after all.

More Cs: Well, you are as social as it gets. Being the social butterfly that you are, we are pretty certain that there’s never a dull day at the office for you. Way to go! We all aspire to be you.

More Ds: While you seem to be making some effort, you are afraid to put yourself out there. Don’t be so self-conscious, try talking with a new person every day without worrying about what they might think of you and you’ll soon realize that people at work just want to be friendly with their colleagues.