Should You Start a Business While Supporting a Family? [Video]

Starting a business is not easy regardless your age, experience and/or marital status. In fact in the latter case where you are married, have children, and you decide to start a business it can seem impossible. Considering that you will be running a company, most of your time every day will be spent preparing or taking care of things concerning the business and as such you won’t get to spend too much time with your family.  

This raises a simple question: Can you spend time with your family and still be a successful entrepreneur? In this video, Jay says that you can. If you are interested in starting your own business, check out this video to find how you can achieve the perfect work-life balance as a business owner and a family guy.

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So what do you think? Can you do both? If you or anyone you know is doing it, tell us their secret to success in the comments section below…




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