Show me the Money! Capitalism

So this is a website dedicated to the job-market, business and money. All this is part of Capitalism, and if you’re not a patchouli-smelling hippie, you probably love and embrace Capitalism. What is Capitalism?

Economic System

Basically, it’s an economic system that has cultural elements to it too (I’m looking at you ‘Merica home of the all-consuming Walmart). Its main characteristics are investment and innovation to increase wealth. The way it started hails back to ancient times with mercantile capitalism which means you would get a loan to acquire products, sell the products at a slightly higher price (for beautiful buttery profit) and then pay back the loan with a bit of interest (beautiful buttery profits).

It seems that the very beginning was a little bit of a vicious cycle. Just like when we came out of our caves Uggabugging and gathered in groups our priority was food and that didn’t change. So when food became cheap, and people didn’t have to worry about eating. People instead started to worry about innovating, making more money, and then spending that additional money. Those profits made the producers of consumer objects attempt to create these more efficiently so they could produce more, sell more and make more money.

So if you were unsure where the current prevailing job market and economic system came from, hopefully, this summary and video have made things a bit clearer.

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So is it good, is it bad or just the way it is? Let me know in the comment section below, I promise I won’t charge you, I’m not exactly a staunch capitalist.




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