How to Show you are a top Sales Person on Your Resume

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If you are a sales professional and currently looking for a job, you have to create a resume that effectively showcases your confidence and sales abilities. Since sales is closely associated with numbers – and targets, your chances of getting hired will depend on your ability to highlight your sales achievements with numerical representations.

Most employers will be looking for quantifiable results to measure your performance in attempt to assess your suitability to the job. Within the business world, demonstrating your success in sales is extremely important if you want to get noticed by a large and well-established company. So, learning how to show you are a top sales person on your resume is vital in terms of staying ahead of competition.

Here are some ways to ensure your resume rightfully represents your key sales abilities and achievements:

#1 Refer to sales achievements first

In order to grasp the attention of recruiters you need to refer to your sales achievements as part of your introductory professional statement. This will help you highlight your sales abilities and will encourage employers to have a look at the rest of the document breaking the 9-seconds rule to reviewing a resume. Choose two or three of your best sales results and include them at the start to make a strong positive impression.

#2 Pack your resume with results

As previously mentioned, you need to refer to numbers or keywords and phrases that can describe how you have helped the previous companies you worked for to generate profits. In your employment history, make sure that you provide some short real-life examples to demonstrate what you have achieved so far. For example, write down a few numerical indications that describe any increase in sales, and refer to ranking results within the company you used to work that can show you are a top performer in your field. Also, consider how you contributed to the growth of the client base and take into account any new accounts that you signed!

#3 Know your audience

Since you are trying to sell yourself to employers through your resume, you need to get to know your audience first. Make an effort to research the employer and really get to know what their needs and main concerns are. In order to do that, visit the employer’s website, become familiar with their mission statement and future plans and read the job advert multiple times to help you get to grips of what they are looking for. Also, consider the size of each organization, since bigger corporations will have different needs compared to smaller companies. For example, bigger sales teams might be more interested in working on international sales and investing new markets.  

#4 Highlight Awards

An excellent way to show you are a top sales person is to highlight any awards or honors you have received in terms of your sales performance such as sales quotas. This shows your previous employers recognised your sales efforts and awarded you for your exceptional contribution. Seeing that, potential employers will know that you are a person who is committed to his work, pushing the limits and consistently exceeding expectations with regards to making sales.  

The most important thing to remember when writing your resume is that you need to highlight your achievements and contribution including numbers – percentages or values that can actually justify your job performance!

What makes you a top salesperson? Let us know in the comment section below!




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