How to Show You've Been an Outstanding Supervisor on your Resume

The specific way that you craft your resume and cite certain content will go a long way toward helping you to achieve your goal of finding suitable employment. Every profession has supervisory positions ranging from titles such as supervisor, manager, administrator, overseer or boss. If in your specific employment you hold a supervisory position, you have specific qualities and workplace experiences that set you apart from other positions at your company. This article will address how to show you’ve been an outstanding supervisor, on your resume.

1. What Makes Your Position So Special

The first step toward understanding how to demonstrate on your resume why you are an outstanding supervisor is to understand what makes your position so special. For example, as a supervisor, you have a great responsibility to maintain the productivity of the workplace and ensure the cultivation of a positive workplace atmosphere. If you are an outstanding supervisor, your employees will be more likely to respect you as a manager and follow your directives and leadership. Outstanding supervisors have learned how to cultivate a “following” among their employees so that everyone actually wants to come to work and be productive. You have excelled at properly and effectively motivating your employees to succeed at all daily tasks and remain productive for the sake of the company growth and advancement.  

2. What Main Content to Include on Your Resume

Since accepting responsibility is one of your main daily job tasks as a supervisor, it is vital that you demonstrate your excellence in this area on your resume. For example, you should highlight your specific workplace responsibilities in the first section of your resume. There is a purpose for this method. A hiring manager wants to know that you have actually led a group of employees and maintained the optimal level of productivity in the workplace at all times. When you describe a detailed, yet concise listing of your job responsibilities, you increase your chances of impressing the hiring manager and getting called in for an interview. Consider the following factors regarding your job responsibilities to highlight.

  • Workplace Environment – When applying for a new job, it is important that your current responsibilities align with the requirements for the new position. For example, do you manage a small or large number of employees? What types of workplace environments have you been responsible for supervising and managing productivity?
  • Supervisory Training – Review your various employee training responsibilities. For example, do you have to create and implement a training program or only run it? Evaluate the daily steps you take in managing all staff training under your purview.
  • Motivational Tasks – Supervisors are responsible for motivating their employees to increase production and achieve goals. You must demonstrate your own adherence to following various motivational tasks that set you apart as an outstanding supervisor.
  • Customer Service – If you are involved in any aspect of customer service, you need to effectively demonstrate your excellence in this area and why that makes you an outstanding supervisor. When you can do that, you will impress the hiring manager.
  • Administrative Tasks – Supervisors also have to handle various administrative tasks throughout their day such as reviewing and expediting expense reports, handling employee reviews and dealing with conflicts in the workplace. Once again, you must demonstrate your outstanding behavior in order to stand out as a viable candidate.

3. Demonstrate Your Aptitude for Success

Additionally, you need to clearly define and demonstrate your own professional aptitude for success. When you can show that you have a strong aptitude and desire to be a born leader and effectively and productively lead a group of employees, you will increase your chances of catching the hiring manager’s attention. Review your own success stories as a supervisor and ascertain what “makes you tick” and why you have succeeded in the workplace. Consider the following factors.

  • Productivity – Does increased production in the workplace spur you on toward success? If so, include some details on how you have been productive in completing your job.
  • Communication – When you effectively communicate with your team members, do you feel most successful? Then, cite examples demonstrating your outstanding skillset here.
  • Problem Solving – Are you most inspired when solving problems with regard to employee conflict, production issues etc.? If so, cite examples substantiating this claim.
  • Administration – Does handling paperwork and dealing with administrative tasks get you excited in your job? Then share how you have excelled in this area of responsibility.
  • Training/Teamwork – Are you most excited when training your team members to become better employees and excel in their work? Then share some concise details about this.

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Being an outstanding supervisor and effectively demonstrating those qualities on your resume are two different things. When crafting your resume to showcase your outstanding abilities as a supervisor, remember to focus on responsibilities and why you enjoy your job. Then you will develop the best resume that will enable you to stand out from the crowd of applicants.




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