Signs of a Great Employee

A great employee has certain characteristics and favorable traits that elevate them above others. Knowing how to spot these characteristics will help you as a manager to promote those who no only deserve it, but who can handle being in a position of authority and responsibility. After all, the individuals you promote to lead a department, will be the ones who ultimately determine how successful the company will be. It is through their productivity and approach to work that you will know whether they are a great employee or not.

Read our top 10 character traits of a great employee – do these characteristics remind you of anyone who works for you?

#1 Loyalty and integrity

#2 Taking responsibility for one’s own actions

#3 Use of one’s own initiative

#4 Gives credit where credits due

#5 Good listener

#6 Dependable

#7 Responsive and versatile

#8 Self disciplined

#9 Healthy attitude towards learning new things

#10 Striving to exceed your expectations

If any of these characteristics reminds you of one of your employees, then you are lucky enough to have hired a great recruit. An employee that shows off all 10 of these character traits is to be considered exceptional and would be a great addition to your management team.

If you realize that none of your current employees display these character traits, then you need to take a closer look at your hiring strategy, management style and workplace environment. There could be a number of reasons for this:

  1. Your management style may restrict employees from realizing their full potential or excelling in the workplace.
  2. The workplace environment could be negative and cause employees to suffer from low morale at work.
  3. You could be doing something wrong in your hiring strategy that means you are hiring the wrong type of individuals to ‘fit in’ to the culture of your company.


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