Signs Your Boss is Hunting For New Staff and Why You Should Care

You’re a horrible employee that goofs off, does the bare minimum and occasionally shows up drunk to work, you might want to know the signs that your boss is looking for new employees as their might be a high probability that he/she is going to sack you. If on the other hand you’re generally a good employee that shows up on time, does everything you’re supposed to do and goes a little bit further, it still might be beneficial for you to know if your boss is looking.

When there is an unusual amount of strange people coming and going

There are other red flags to look out for, most obvious of which is attire. Are the people that are showing up in professional attire? Are they going into your boss’ office for twenty or so minutes or more?  If you are a little more observant, another indication could be what they are carrying, if they are carrying folders or portfolios of some sort that could carry their resumes, it could be an indication that that person is there for an interview. Usually if someone goes to a professional meeting she/he will carry a briefcase for a laptop, tablet and other materials.

A sudden change in your boss’ behavior

If your boss has always been jovial, or at least cordial with you until recently that might be an indication that trouble is on the horizon. If they avoid you like snowmen avoid an open flame, then that is just a further indication that they are avoiding conflict until it is unavoidable. If your boss also is micro-managing or being abrasive it could be an indication that they are trying to force you out of your position.

A sudden change of management

This is a significant indication that the company is going through some serious changes and reorganization of their workforce. The change of a manager’s position from one position to another could be to facilitate the termination of certain employees in the specific department.

Around the water-cooler talk / office gossip

Although gossip is anything but accurate and could lead to Chicken Little syndrome (unfounded mass hysteria) it can carry a seed of truth. Also it is important to be discrete and not to pry as a breach in trust between you and your boss could become a reason for termination. If there is a certain buzz that your boss is looking, take it with scepticism and a pinch of salt and few dabs of discretion.

Ultimately there is no need for panic if you do hear or become aware of your boss is looking for new employees. It could mean that the company is expanding, in which case, this means better job prospects for you. Even if there is an inkling that the new guy/gal is replacing you, suffer the slings and arrows life might throw at you with dignity and remember that the world is filled with opportunities as long as you look hard enough!