Silicon Valley's Coolest Start Ups

Silicon Valley is the home of innovation and every day there is a new app or software dubbed the ‘next big thing.’ While some live up to the hype, others perform poorly making you question the depth of human stupidity. Luckily for you, we sifted through those that make it to the market to bring you the coolest innovations from Silicon Valley.


1. Lumoid

Do you waste time considering whether or not to get a gadget? If you are like most people, you will fall in love with Lumoid. It allows you to rent and test-drive high-end gadgets such as the Apple watch for as little as $45. Through Lumoid, you can make an informed decision before splurging your hard earned money on a product you probably do not need.

2. August

How often do you lose/forget your key? August will soon provide you with an app that will make your keys obsolete. To open your house, you will need the app, a lock and Bluetooth, you can also generate temporary keys to use at specific times for your plumber, cleaner or the brother who just arrived from abroad. Now, how cool is that?

3. Zen Payroll

Innovators are continually targeting entrepreneurs; however, Josh Reeves, Edwar Kim and Tomer London, creators of Zen Payroll, seem to have hit the jackpot. Through their creative genius, entrepreneurs can now manage and process their payrolls with ease, saving them the cost of payroll management services. If you doubt the viability of this start-up, look at the list of investors putting their money into it: Ashton Kutcher, Karen Mills (former head of US Small Business Administration), Jared Leto, Paypal, Yahoo, Nest, Twitter and Reiit founders among others.

4. Shyp

Do you remember the (bad) old days when you had to lug your package to the post office? Well, Shyp saves you the hustle by picking your shipment at your doorstep for a flat rate of $5, including shipping and taking it to the post office. The popularity of this tech-based innovation has grown tremendously; in 2014, it grew its shipments by approximately 500 percent.

5. Robinhood

Drawing their inspiration from the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev sought to create an app that makes investment in the financial markets accessible to everyone. Through their sleek mobile-brokerage app, Robinhood, investment is not limited to Wall Streeters. Unlike the competitor app, Robinhood users do not pay to use the app.

6. Instacart

It is 2015 and everything is insta, including your groceries. Through Instracart, created by Brandon Leonardo, Max Mullen and Apoorva Mehta, you can get your groceries fresh at your doorstep. For an extra $3.99, you get a personal shopper to handpick your groceries and bring them to you at your convenience. Now, how is that for getting your sexy back?

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Technology is fun especially when it makes your life easier, and you can always rely on Silicon Valley to bring the best of innovation. Year in year out, new minds, with the backing of old money, continue to awe the world.

Zen Payrol