Simon Beck: The Man Who is Decorating The Alps

British Artist Simon Beck, famous for his amazing geometric designs on vast stretches of snow, takes the creative process of decorating the Alps to a completely new level. The London-born snow artist, studied at Oxford, but has never settled into an office job, so he has spent much of his working life surveying orienteering maps.

As for his snow artwork, the mapmaker creates his delicate and detailed pieces of art in France at the ski resort of Les Arcs, where he lives. He walks miles in the snow to design and uses a compass and his feet to create his geometric patterns. He can spend around 10 hours creating a single design, and it is estimated that he’s walked more than 40km to finalise some designs.

Beck prepares the pattern on graph paper first, then examines the site, and figures out where the major points of the design should be. Simon has also diversified into beach art, and enjoys hiking, bell ringing and photography.

Watch this video to get a detailed idea of Beck’s snow work, and the unique artistic techniques that he uses to create his stunning wintery creations.

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