Simple Things That Make You Invaluable at Work

When you think of being invaluable at work, you might consider all the ways you can be a team player, get your work completed within deadlines, and become a diligent professional. Those are all good things that can increase your value in the workplace. However, there are some simple things that can drastically increase your value in the workplace. These things are not rocket science. Yet they play into the big picture of what makes the office run smoothly as productivity is increased and a positive atmosphere is fostered. Don’t become a purveyor of bad odors at work. Learn good manners and be a better neighbor to your colleagues. Filter your words because they have real power.

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1. You’re Not a Purveyor of Bad Odors

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One of the simplest things you can do to make yourself more invaluable at work is to not be a purveyor of bad odors. This sounds like common sense, but there are people who completely ignore this advice. They make the office a more uncomfortable place to be in simply because they’re present. Giving off bad odors can come in many different packages—and none of them are the types of presents that your colleagues want to receive.

Coming to the office each day without showering can quickly cause you to become the persona non grata in the workplace. By the end of the week, you may be so immune to your putrid odor, but your colleagues certainly won’t be. Don’t be surprised if you’re trying to talk to your cubicle mates and they’re all passed out from inhaling too much of your toxic gases—from nasty body odor and too many farts.

Maybe you do shower every day, but your toxic odor is of a different sort. You’ve used every kind of scent you could find, from fruity smelling shampoo to flower scented soaps and overpowering perfume. You’d actually smell refreshingly clean, if you didn’t smell like the entire fragrance department at Macy’s!

If body odors aren’t your problem, you may be known as the steer-clear-from-his-cubicle-during-lunch-time person. You constantly bring in tuna fish sandwiches or other intensely flavored food, where the strong aroma makes people’s noses crinkle in a bad way. No wonder the majority of the office makes a beeline for the exit whenever you take your lunch break at your desk or walk to the break room to heat up your pungent food.

2. You Have Excellent Neighborly Manners

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Being a good neighbor is another simple way to make you more invaluable at work. Your colleagues will love you. Being neighborly will promote a positive atmosphere and team spirit. Now, if you are not neighborly, your value as an employee quickly drops down the scale. You can become more of a liability—someone who has no consideration for others and who creates more chaos than order in the workplace.

You know the type. These non-neighborly people must be long-lost relatives of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street. Complaints are constant. They never smile. When you pass them in the hall and try to engage in friendly conversation, they walk on by, clearly ignoring you. Don’t feel slighted because these non-neighborly people are grumpy towards everyone in the office. It’s as if the world has come to an end, each and every day. A tiny problem turns into a mountain and can quickly become a volcanic eruption, sucking the life out of the office.

Non-neighborly colleagues take personal calls throughout the day. This sucks for you when one of these types is your next-door neighbor. You have to hear all about their ingrown toenail while they’re on the phone with their doctor’s office. Hopefully that never happened while you were trying to take your lunch break and eat in peace. No one should have to keep from vomiting at their desks simply by being near a non-neighborly person.

These types don’t consider their colleagues when they turn up the radio and blast the oldies station all day long. That definitely doesn’t create a positive workplace environment when you have to wear earplugs to keep from hearing nauseating 80s music while trying to work. Non-neighborly people also become wall peepers. You know the type: it’s not enough to calmly call out to ask you a question. They need to constantly stand up, peer over your cubicle like a stalker, and shout out the question so that the entire office can hear.

3. You Use a Filter on Your Mouth

Using a filter on your mouth is another way to make you more invaluable at work. Let’s be clear: we’re not advocating an actual filter over your mouth in case anyone was wondering! People who filter their words and the tone in which they speak increase their value in the workplace in a simple way. The words we speak have power. When you are positive and productive, you will be more valuable in the workplace.

Now, when people don’t use a filter and allow all kinds of words to come out of their mouths all day long, their value factor goes down the tubes. These filter-less people have no qualms about raising their voice when annoyance takes over. You can be quietly working at your desk, minding your own business, and suddenly your cubicle neighbor starts shouting and throwing a temper tantrum at their desk. Who cares if their computer froze up? That doesn’t give them the right to carry on in such an immature manner, disrupting the workplace.

Maybe you came in to work on Monday after having a mini makeover during the weekend. You love your new clothes and hairstyle. Yet, your walk on cloud nine is cut short as you nearly get struck by lightning when your filter-less coworker spews out his negative, unfiltered opinion of your new look. You didn’t even ask for his opinion. He offers it to everyone and doesn’t care who he hurts in the process. Filter-less people cause more problems than solutions in the workplace.

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Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. You may think no one notices the small things that you do, but people are watching; especially those in management. If you want to increase your value, start paying attention to the simple things.

Make an effort to be considerate of others. Don’t be a purveyor of bad odors in the office. Not only will you start to get a negative reputation but you may also be very lonely. No one will want to be around your pungent odors. Become more neighborly. It’s not that hard to be a good neighbor to your colleagues. People won’t try to avoid you in the hall; they’ll actually want to spend time with you, not just because you’re at work and they have to. Don that filter each morning, and watch what you say to others and how you say it. Be a superhero and make your words have power for the good of others. Don’t become that super-villain that everyone hates, who constantly spews destructive words.

What simple things do you do at work to become more invaluable? Let us know in the comments section below!