Six Reasons Why Your Most Talented Employees Will Leave

Company loyalty for the sake of it doesn’t exist in the 21 century. Your most talented employees won’t stay with you because of loyalty. They’re fully aware they’re in the top percentile of American society. They’re aware they can walk into a great job tomorrow, and they just might choose one of your competitors. In this article, we’re going to make sure that doesn’t matter.

#1 Passion Fulfilled

Money isn’t enough to convince someone to stay. Humans are creatures of passion. If they believe they can fulfil their goals elsewhere, they will leave. And this is often the case even if it means they get paid less. Employers can prevent this by getting to know their staff. What drives them and how you can satisfy their motivations?

#2 Present a Challenge

Your most talented employees have a high level of intellect. Let them use it. Make sure you’re challenging your workforce by giving them more responsibility and giving them an insight into the big decisions you’re making within the company.

One of the biggest reasons why employees leave is boredom. Nobody wants to dread coming into work. Challenge your staff and give them a chance to use their intellect.

#3 Let them Run Free

Highly creative people will not tolerate being placed in a box all day. They want to be able to use their creativity to innovate. The biggest companies in the world allow their workforce to use their talents to create something new. Yahoo! became famous for giving their employees time off every Friday afternoon to work on their own projects.

Things like this will ultimately keep employees working within your company.

#4 Lend Them Your Ears

Employees want to change the world. They want to become part of a project that creates real change. It’s what shows them their job means something. That comes with making decisions and being able to speak up. If you’re running your company like a mini dictatorship, they’re going to lose confidence in you. They want to put forward ideas.

And when you do let them speak, show them you’re taking their ideas on-board. Even though you’re technically their boss, they should feel as if they’re your equal. You company vision should become a collaborative effort.

#5 Give Credit

Leaders sometimes take credit. These are the bad leaders. Whenever something good happens, don’t stand in the spotlight and pretend as if this was all your idea. Give credit where credit is due. Leaders give more credit than they receive. The fact you’re able to see your team flourish and enjoy the fruits of their labour should be enough to make you happy.

It’s the one type of success that’s yours and yours alone. Give credit where it’s deserved or your employees will quickly become disgruntled. Who wants to work with someone who gets all the plaudits for work they didn’t do?

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#6 Continuing Development

Your most talented employees should continue to develop themselves. They should have opportunity after opportunity to keep pushing forward. If you don’t give them this chance, they’re going to stagnate. This is one of the easiest ways to lower morale within your organisation.

Remember, keeping your best employees is more than just giving them a paycheck. You have to satisfy their desires and help them accomplish their personal professional goals. Are you a leader who can facilitate those things? Manage it and your company will perform better in the long-term.

Do you practice any of the methods suggested above? Or are you guilty of some of the bad practices? Your thoughts and comments below...