So You Got a Snow Day...What Should You Do?

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You look out the window and the only thing you see is white. You gather your courage to brave the teeth chattering, snot freezing cold when suddenly you get an email on your phone. “Due to hazardous weather conditions the office will be closed today. Stay safe and warm, Best Regards, Management”. As you jubilate hot coffee spills all over the front of your pyjama bottoms but who cares!! Actually, you should because you now have first degree burns on your inner thighs. But the pain is alleviated just due to the fact that you won’t have to go in to work today. What should you do on your snow day-off work?

Build a snowman

One thing that snow days have in abundance is snow. Another requirement for a snowman is time, which the day also offers. So go make that snowman, or any other snow art that might pop into your mind. Just keep it PG-13, there are children in the neighborhood after-all.

Catch up on the latest market trends

Grab your computer, a warm cup of joe and catch-up on all the latest industry news. Personal development is an important ingredient for professional progress so even if you’re not at work use this time to invest in your career. Why are you walking away? Hey man, I was talking to you!

Enjoy your hobby unharassed

Usually you have to stop working on your life-sized Pamela Anderson matchstick sculpture around 10 pm, so you can get a good night’s sleep. Not today! The whole day is yours to stick matchstick to matchstick to your heart’s content. That means no more interruptions as you sculpt Pamela’s perfect ear hole.

Do nothing

Doing nothing is a completely valid activity on your day off. It also doubles as a meditation mantra because how can doing nothing be an activity if doing nothing is inactivity? Not sit there and stare into the abyss that you’ve created.

Catch up

WAIT! Wait! Don’t leave! I wasn’t going to say anything regarding your job or career. I meant catch up on your favorite series, movies you wanted to watch or books you wanted to read. You said that you are behind on Sex in the City?


Sleep deprivation is a very real affliction of modern society. People are sleeping less and less, and judging by their ugly mugs, it’s mostly beauty sleep that they’re missing. Today though you can take 42 winks without being afraid of being late to work. That’s two whole winks more than normal, you lucky duck!

Go to work

Imagine how impressed your bosses would be if you braved the artic temperatures, the life threatening road conditions and still managed to put in a full day of work when you should’ve been home! On the other hand you could get stranded in a snow drift somewhere and freeze to death by the time someone notices but it will be totally worth it for the extra brownie points, wouldn’t it?

Do you live in a sub-tropical climate? Well then suck it because you’ll never ever have a snow day! For anyone else that has experienced the joy of the glorious snow day, let us know what you did in the comment section below. Please keep it PG-13.