Social Airways Welcomes You Aboard to the Social Way of Travelling

So far, we have seen innovative and user-friendly websites that allow travellers to tailor their perfect holiday in a single click, and sites that scan through every travel option available to provide you with the cheapest flight or accommodation.   However, no one ever thought about making the flight and airport experience easy and friendlier for travelers…until now. Social Airways, is an online platform that connects travellers, and is exactly what is needed to fill this gap and make flights more ‘social’. According to the site, the aim of the platform is to “connect people who are on the same flight, assisting travelers in finding a useful method of utilizing flight time constructively and providing alternative options that will make traveling more social, economical and pleasant”.

How the Platform Works

Social Airways was developed to revolutionise the way people travel by making it more beneficial, creative and fun. It enables travellers to meet new people who are going their way and keep up with the ones they already know. Interestingly, you can share your itinerary before you depart and also manage your trips, matches and personal network (online contacts).

Once you join a flight, you get redirected to the flight page. In this section, you can view all other registered members, that is, your fellow travellers, and even interact with them!  What’s more, you can also add what you are looking to gain from that flight. It could be exchanging knowledge, playing a game, having a business talk or even sleeping.

Why not network on board?

Since flights are full of individuals that have never previously met, this niche platform rewards registered passengers by providing them with the unique opportunity of networking while travelling. Users may also take advantage of the following benefits:

Saving Money

Users can save money by sharing their accommodation or transportation details if they are attending the same event, festival or conference with other travellers.

Exchanging Knowledge

Connecting with new people in your industry could also mean broadening your knowledge and developing your skills by learning something new on your journey. Why not learn some words of your destination’s language, discuss potential entrepreneurial ideas or take the chance to promote your brand?

Touch Basing With Local Friends

If you forgot to inform your friends that you’re in town, the platform enables you to track who’s local. After identifying your friends at your destination, you can schedule your visits.

Entertaining and Chilling!

Social Airways helps you turn your travelling experience into a more pleasurable and playful moment. Why not play a game or watch a movie together with a fellow passenger while waiting for your flight or whilst on board. On the other hand, if you need the flight to rest, the platform can help ensure a noise-free flight for you by seating you next to other people who also want to sleep on the flight.  

Social Airways has not only made travelling worth the money and time. It has also taken networking to the next level by making sure you never miss a chance to meet someone important…even on a flight. Never disregard the people who surround you, even if you don’t know them in person. There is always time left to meet new people. Who knows? Perhaps your future co-founder, angel investor or business mentor might be sitting next to you!