Social Media Security Tips to Protect Your Business

Social media can act as a gateway to the inner workings of your business. It can allow people to steal from your company, embarrass your team, and generally make life difficult for everyone involved. Believe it or not, it’s not just your accounts that can become vulnerable to malicious attacks. The personal social media accounts of your employees can prove a security risk. This is article will speak about some of the best social media security tips for your business.


Make a Social Media Policy

Most companies have more than one person who can access the company’s social media streams. Institute a strict policy on what people can and can’t say. This can include policies on use of slang and profanity, as well as how they interact with customers.

It’s essential that you lay down the rules so you can have a social media policy that exudes continuity. You can’t blame an employee when something goes wrong if you didn’t have a set of rules and expectations in place.

Leave it Blank

Request that all employees don’t disclose who they work for on personal social media profiles. Your employee represents your company even when they’re not at work. If they do or say something negative outside in the real world, it’s going to reflect badly on your company because you’re employing them.

Not only does it protect you, it also protects them. If nobody knows who they work for, you don’t have to fire them simply to save your own skin if they say something controversial on a personal account.

IT Hierarchy

Security breaches can come from anywhere. Whether it’s the policies you have in place or the security of your hardware, you need to have a strong IT hierarchy in place. Take the time to train your IT managers in how to deal with security. This will reflect on everyone else underneath and will lead to a better overall team.

If you don’t want to work on training IT personnel, employ people with social media experience. They will quickly become an asset to your company.

Update Your Security Situation

One of the most common reasons why companies suffer from security breaches is a lack of awareness about the need to update security settings. The Internet presents a range of risks, and they change on an almost daily basis. Make sure your anti-virus settings are entirely updates and that your servers have the latest patches in place.

Whenever an employee accesses your network, make sure they’re using a device that has maximum security settings in place. Get into the habit of self-auditing yourself for security on a weekly basis.

Educate on Privacy Settings

As already mentioned, activity whilst inside and whilst outside of work can cause significant problems for your company through social media. Educate your employees on how to use privacy settings on various social media networks. Enforce a policy that forces your workforce to have these privacy settings on the highest possible settings at all times.

Don’t Demonise Social Media

Whilst we have discussed the dangers of social media and what you need to do to keep your security in top condition, don’t go as far as to demonise social media. Social media remains an essential part of your marketing plan. If you’re going to attempt to eliminate social media from your company, you’re only going to run into problems later on.

Make it clear that you fully support social media inside and outside the workplace. Also, highlight the risks and why you’re taking the action you’re taking. You don’t want to create resentment amongst your employees by trying to outright ban it.


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