Social Medias Most Frustrating Challenges & How to Overcome Them

The world of social media can be inherently frustrating. For marketers, this frustration only goes up as they struggle to encourage people to interact with their brand. You can spend months studying social media figures, but this doesn’t mean anything. You need to take comprehensive action to succeed in overcoming the challenges presented by social media.

In this article, we won’t focus on studies and research papers. We will talk about what actions you can take to overcome some of the greatest challenges presented to marketers.

Integrated Marketing through Social Media

Social media might well be the primary way to get in touch with your customers. This doesn’t mean you should be using it as your only way to market your brand. There are so many ways to market yourself online, and brands often fall into the honey trap of focusing exclusively on social media.

Other ways to balance your online marketing profile is search engine marketing, email marketing, and guest blogging. You also need to look into traditional marketing methods in the real world, such as attending tradeshows.

To overcome the challenge of broadening yourself in this way, look at your business and assess where your customers congregate. For example, you don’t want to be targeting business customers on LinkedIn when you’re meant to be targeting young mothers. 

Product Cataloguing

Social media presents the challenge of separating humour and interaction with overt promotion. Where do you strike the balance?

This is where most social media mistakes happen. Companies fail to understand what customers are looking for. If we look at eMarketer, they conducted a study into the habits of US shoppers. They discovered 37% of them use social media to figure out what they want to buy. This means they will visit the social media channels of various companies to find out more.

What this demonstrates is you need to use social media channels like a product catalogue. Post those product images with complete descriptions on Facebook and LinkedIn. The chances are at least a third of your customers are searching for them. 

Based on this study, you’ll probably want to limit your overt plugs to about a third of your posts, or less. Most companies make the mistake of not doing it at all or doing too much of it.

Leveraging Social Media Networks for Evoke Sets 

A challenge facing companies using social media is capturing customers and keeping them in the same place. In other words, it’s about engaging customers and retaining them. Companies look to evoke sets for this purpose.

An evoke set is the group of similar brands customers rely on whenever they want to make a purchase. For example, someone who purchases makeup regularly will always look up a few trusted brands before looking elsewhere. This is an evoke set. All companies want to get their brands into this personal evoke set. 

So how do you overcome the challenge of getting into an evoke set?

It’s a case of making yourself visible. This is where you have to find creative ways to feature your products. One option is to make a video that includes your products. Link them together with images from Pinterest and other social media platforms. If you bring everything together, you’ll start to see results.

Take note, evoke sets take time to build. This comes with being able to build a loyal customer base. All successful businesses have evoke sets. You might want to target a small niche first, and then expand to bring even more people in.

Final Note

Overall, these challenges can all be solved by targeting multiple social media networks and making sure you do the right amount of promotion. It’s mostly about researching your market and trial and error.

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