Spray Cake Shows There Is Hope For Budding Entrepreneurs

Guides and tutorials on entrepreneurship always stress that one of the keys to being successful is finding a niche. Trying to find an idea or product that someone has never produced, patented, or thought of before is incredibly difficult. But this is getting even harder to achieve as the market is becoming very entrepreneurial focus which is enticing many people to give entrepreneurship a try! More often than not though, people usually end up putting their own spin on something that has been done before.

A new idea

To the surprise of two Harvard college students, their college project - known as ‘Spray Cake’ - was actually a completely new idea. After intense research the two students, Brooke Nowakowski and John McCallum, could find no similar patent or existing product on the market.

The product does exactly what is says on the tin. It is basically cake batter in a whipped cream can.  You spray out the mixture like whipped cream in whatever shape you want, pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and voila you have a fully formed cake. The product is fully organic and by all accounts actually tastes pretty good.

Viral marketing campaign

After winning both the Harvard innovation challenge and Add Club branding challenge; the students have now secured sellers for their entrepreneurial venture and turned their college project into a business. This was probably helped by their unique viral marketing campaign. In the advert the presenter kept the audience’s attention by claiming he could make a cake in the time it took them to skip the add. The presenter’s unconventional dancing may have helped keep the audiences interest as well.

So the next time you have an entrepreneurial idea and dismiss it out of hand because you think that it has probably been done before, do some research, maybe it hasn’t. You never know, you could be missing out on a fortune.