Spruce Up Your At-Work Office With These Design Ideas

If your at-work office is feeling a little dry and depressing, there are a couple of non-permanent options to consider for that perfect touch of personality.

Try using items like wall stickers and vinyls, your own furniture, big statement accessories or even something as minor as a new rug to bring life to your drab office space.

1. Wall stickers are great motivators

Whether in a common area or your office, wall vinyls and stickers are a great way to add big messages to small spaces--without having to make permanent changes to an office wall. You can choose from motivating messages or simple designs to skip expensive, permanent wallpapering or paint.

2. Add personal touches with your own furniture

Most offices come with a typical desk and chair included, but there’s no law saying that you can’t bring in your own furniture. Using personal touches can add a lot of spice to an office space and can help you feel more at home. Add a couple of plants or a new rug to help bring the entire room together.

3. Upgrade your desk

If you’re lucky and it’s not too much hassle to bring in a new desk, go for it. Not only will you get added storage with the desk of your choice, but it adds a much more homey touch than using a basic office desk. Maintain your professional air without sacrificing your personal style.

4. Lighting can make a room

If you’re not interested in making big, overarching changes, try switching up the lighting to make things interesting. Adding your own fixtures can create a relaxing atmosphere that makes a space your own.

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