How to Stand Out at The Office

Jennifer Lopez Stand Out At the Office

It’s a competitive world out there, and once you land a job it doesn’t end. You still need to prove yourself in your current position in order to learn, grow, succeed and, of course, keep your job. You also want to make sure that your boss notices you and that all your hard work doesn’t get ignored. Check out this guide on how to stand out at the office, and never be a wallflower again.

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1. Talk To Your Boss Every Day

How can your manager notice you if you never talk to them unless you have to during a meeting or work event? Try something new and make sure to talk to them every single day. Even if you just say good morning and ask how their weekend was, or make a work-appropriate joke, it will keep you connected to them and ensure that they remember who you are. Why not be known as the employee who makes the effort to be friendly, social and polite every day of the week, instead of someone who is afraid to talk to the person who is in a higher position? You will definitely stand out in all the right ways.

2. Let Your Personality Shine

If you’re addicted to reality television or a master baker, let your personality show at the office so your coworkers can get to know the real you. But, of course, you still want to remain professional. So allow others to become interested in your interests, too. Get the office involved in a poll about who will win The Bachelor and bring in your amazing cherry triple chocolate brownies to make everyone really happy on a Monday morning. You will be known as a fun, thoughtful employee.

3. Never Wear Boring Clothes

There’s a fine line between wearing office appropriate attire and looking ridiculous. But you can still wear creative, colorful, interesting outfits to the office. Invest in a new blazer that’s not your usual grey or black -- try royal blue or red to liven up your usual routine. Or wear a patterned dress instead of a neutral colored one. You will be sure to get tons of compliments from your coworkers and might even inspire others to dress less boring, too.

4. Organize a Monthly Activity

You can only go to so many Thursday evening happy hours with the people you work with. Think of something fun that everyone can do once a month. Maybe you can go to a Mexican restaurant and then see a movie. Or you can all try a yoga class or even a dance class. You will never be ignored at work again, and everyone will appreciate the chance to socialize and do something different than just drinking cheap beer and sharing a plate of nachos.

5. Hire a Yoga Teacher for A Lunchtime Session

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular as a good way to exercise both your body and your mind, so why not take advantage of your conference room and hire a yoga teacher to teach during your lunch hour? Many teachers are available for office yoga and can adapt to any size room. Even if it’s just a small group of employees who are interested, it will bond you all while allowing you to take a much-needed break. You will definitely be more productive for the remainder of the work day, and you will be known as a calm, healthy employee, which is a pretty good reputation to have.

6. Bring One Idea to Every Meeting

A surefire way to stand out is to always come to meetings prepared. Even if you only mention one idea that you have, you will look intelligent and confident, and will stand out in the best possible way. You might even inspire others to bring more ideas, too, which will only help the entire company benefit.

7. Ask Questions During Performance Reviews

During your yearly performance review, you could just sit there, nod and say thank you. Or you could stand out and ask a few questions near the end of the session about what you can do to improve your job performance and how to be as successful as possible. Your manager will appreciate your interest and willingness to do anything to do well at your job.

8. Decorate Your Cubicle

Everyone has pictures of their friends, family and/or spouse at their desks. Be different and decorate your cube with favorite pictures torn out from magazines, artwork, vacation photos -- anything you can think of, as long as it’s appropriate.

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Want to be known as a fun yet professional and intelligent employee? Follow this how-to guide on how to stand out at work (in a good way) and you will make a lasting impression on your boss and fellow employees.

Do you already use any of these techniques? Did they have a positive effect on your career?




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