How to Start a Business on Amazon

Amazon is one of the most amazing, successful and premium marketplaces for selling and buying all kinds of products. Here you can find plenty of things and enjoy huge discounts on the products of your desire. For every enlisted product, hundreds and thousands of buyers are always there. So you’ll always see a huge competition among the sellers and buyers. Selling on Amazon can be profitable for you by all the means.

Why to Sell at Amazon?

You can do a successful selling business at home and start with small and minor things, or can give it the shape of a big chain of stores. Before doing that, let us understand some reasons to sell on Amazon:

  •   There is no short of customers
  •   It is easy to set-up an online store. It will take a few minutes to sign-up
  •   You will start profiting from the very first day you become a member of Amazon
  •   Your knowledge will be enhanced by selling at this store
  •   You can start with no investment or minimal investment plans
  •   You will realise what a customer wants so that you can provide the best and competitive offers accordingly

Getting Started:

To start selling on Amazon, you first need to setup an account with a sign-up process. You have 2 options, the “Individual Plan” and the “Professional Plan”. The Individual Plan has no monthly costs, but you get charged $0.99 per sale and other selling fees are applied. You can list a lot of products without any cost, but you can only sell up to 40 products a month.

If you target is to sell more than 40 items per month then you need to opt for the Professional Plan. You get the opportunity of unlimited sales at $39.99/month + other selling fees. You can also get access to more categories in this plan.

Listing Your Items:

When listing your products make sure that the details of the product are accurate. You need to add the proper keywords for your product along with the details like model, version, brand, etc. Do not use adjectives like amazing, great, beautiful etc. This is something that won’t captivate the attention of buyers.

Write the Descriptions:

Don’t forget to write short descriptions of your product(s) with all the details. More and more details help the customers get more information and can convert a visitor into a buyer. So you need to focus on this section to enjoy huge profits from your sales.


A very crucial part of online selling is the pricing of every product. Make sure that the rates you set have a good profit margin, but are not undermining the market. Keep in mind the rates include the charges by Amazon as well.

It also applies additional costs of shipment. So you should include extra shipping cost if your profit margin is low. You can provide free shipping if you are still getting a decent profit. Products with free shipment tend to sell more. Don’t try to earn on shipping cost, it is a major turn down for buyers.

Things to Remember in Shipping:

Time is very crucial in online deliveries. A lot of orders get cancelled due to late deliveries. To avoid this, follow these steps:

post vacancies
post vacancies
  •   Always keep the product in stock
  •   Do extra packaging only if necessary
  •   Ship item as soon as possible
  •   Send a personal mail to the buyer with product information, an e-invoice and tracking number.
  •   Make sure all the details are correct. Incorrect shipment could delay in shipping and could lose your sale as well.

Offer Attractive Discounts:

Everybody loves a sale. If you have the potential to sell a price below the market rate on Amazon, then feel free to set-up a few types of discount. For example, seasonal discounts, summer discounts, festival discounts etc. All these are a great way to boost sales and catch the attention of buyers from all parts of the world. You may lose on the profit margin, but the number of sales will certainly increase.


You will get paid by Amazon into your bank account every 14 days. Payment is kept on hold for possible chargebacks, refunds or claims. Once released, they are added to your account. You can request a withdrawal once every 24-hrs or let it come in the 14 day cycle.

All payments made to your seller account are already debited of any charges beforehand. The amounts you see are your earnings.

Always remember that the entrepreneurs are the backbone for the giant marketplaces. There is lot of potential in these sales. But keep in mind not to over-invest in stock. Make a small start, then earn good. This will gradually increase your sales on a weekly or monthly basis.

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