How to Start a House Cleaning Business on the Cheap

If you are good at cleaning your own home, you might want to consider starting a house cleaning business .There are so many busy people with homes that they don’t have time to clean. Those people would be your potential customers. If you are on a tight budget, you can start small and build your business over time. You can do it to make extra money or turn it into full time income, depending on the time that you have to invest in this kind of business.

What You Need

You do need start-up capital, but not a lot. Make sure you have money for a business license, cleaning supplies and advertising. Do your research to find out what type of business license, if any, is needed.

Get the Word Out

If budget is low, you can advertise your house cleaning business initially with fliers posted around the community. You can also ask friends and family to get the word out for you. If you have cleaned your neighbor’s house in the past, ask for references to find new clients. Run a cleaning special where you offer a discounted rate.


In addition to advertising or marketing your house cleaning business using fliers, you should canvas the neighborhood and talk to people. You could go door to door to put up door hangers. Choose specific neighborhoods that you would like to canvas. Door hangers are better than sending something in the mail. Create business cards and pass them out. With permission from the owner, leave some cards at local businesses. Start a referral program where clients who refer you will receive a free cleaning or a discount.

Create a website and/or blog to talk about the benefits and essentials of house cleaning. People will take your business more seriously when you have web presence. People will want to come to your website to get more information on the house cleaning process. Be sure to give a call to action by letting visitors know to call you to find out more about your service and prices. Provide a dedicated phone number.

Do a Good Job

When you begin, make sure that instead of trying to finish quickly, focus on quality work. If you provide quality service, the client will, in most cases, call you back. Additionally, a satisfied client will want to refer you to their friends and family. So always do impressive work.

Cleaning Supplies

Purchase good cleaning supplies. You could even go a step further (to set yourself apart from local competitors) by offering eco-friendly cleaning products. Buy in bulk so you can save some money.

A cleaning business is easy to start, especially if you have a passion for cleaning. Dedicate a place in your home to store your cleaning supplies out of the reach of children. Don’t use the cleaning supplies in your own home that you use for the business. You also should not take on too many house cleaning projects that you cannot handle. Soon, though, you will have to hire help, which signals that your business is growing. Start with family members and friends, if possible.




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