Starting a Business? Apply These 9 Candy Crush Principles to Win More Customers!

So you say you have never played Candy Crush? Never ever? Good! Let it remain that way. The Candy Crush Saga has delayed many work projects and killed many productive hours, affecting the young and old alike.

However, here is something we never knew before…

Did you know more than 60% of its users are more than 40 years of age? The Candy Crush game is played by 14.4 million users, on a daily basis, according to AppData. Interestingly, as a business owner, you can use Candy Crush to your advantage! Here are 10 smart marketing tactics you can draw from Candy Crush and take your business to the next level.

1. Change is permanent

Your business may be offering the same thing what many others are. After all, Candy Crush is, but just another game. However, it has its own edge.

What is that Unique Selling Point (USP) that can set your business apart from competitors? Be different, and bank on it to bring in new customers. 

2. Persistence is the word

From market conditions to problems pertaining to employees, investors and finances, hold your ground and do not give up on your business. Just like you would want to try again to pass that complex level of Candy Crush, apply the same technique to your business. There are high chances that a new strategy turns out to be your best click!

Search for “How to play candy crush level 130,” and there you are. Google will provide you the easiest options to crush all those candies immediately! Now, keep your business in mind. Follow the same strategy and take help. Reaching out to any mentor or initiating employee engagement program can help you come up with new ideas to fuel your business.

3. Be the helper

Think of the time when you really wanted to pass a level but you are out of lives. You sent a request to your friends who are always ready to send you extra lives because you have helped them pass a level as well! Undoubtedly, this win-win situation works wonders in business too.

So, how does your business help your customers? Never aim for just making quick cash because sometimes it’s all about giving more to receive more! This mindset will help you develop innovative solutions.

Though promotional campaigns and new offers require you to spend some extra cash on your customers, remember that these efforts are worth it! By treating your customers as a part of your team, you will more likely learn from their feedback, correct mistakes, thank them, make it up to them and enhance your business profits.

4. Generate buzz

Like Candy Crush, harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Give your users an amazing experience to share with others. Loyal customers make for GOOD brand ambassadors.

5. Use the power of FREE

Candy Crush is a free game, with all the in-game purchases coming in later. What is it that you can give for free, that can convert your target market into your customers?

6. Be social

What can your business do that can connect you with your customers? We are social creatures. Today’s businesses do not just stop at buying and selling. They create unique platforms for customers to share their experiences with the business and with others. Candy Crush does it by helping you share your success with your Facebook friends. For your business, start off with digital marketing, and there you go!

7. Variety is the spice of life

As cheesy as it sounds, Candy Crush has worked this to the best of its advantage, letting you do the same thing in different ways. Perhaps you can change the look of your retail store, wares or customize the services? Present your product in a new way?

8. Have Fun

Candy Crush is a fun game with colorful visuals. It is addictive and your business could be the same. Engage the senses of your customers and create fun experiences for them.

9. Connect People

Candy Crush brings together people with a common goal, that too in a match 3 game! Your business could certainly emulate this. Give your customers the feel of belonging to the bigger picture.

Albeit just a game, it’s monstrously popular and the reasons for this can be broken down into 9 business tips applicable to most organizations, which actually highlight some fundamental marketing stencils - just from a game.  




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