How to Stay Awake at Work After a Rough Night

Maybe you went out with some friends and got "buck wild" at the local pub until wee hours of the night. Or maybe you hit the hay early. But unfortunately, your body never got the message.

So there you are, tossing and turning the whole night until you finally hit cloud nine.

10 minutes later.

Your eyes pop open to the alluring buzzing of your alarm clock. Time to go to work, Sparky.

How could you possibly make it through the eight hour grind of board meetings and sifting through stacks of paperwork? Not to mention, the quality of your work better be an A+ effort or your head might just be on the chopping block.

It's all gravy, though. Just follow these simple steps to survive this head-pounding day.


Easy there, sugar.

It makes me sad, too. Believe me. But you have to lay off the sugar and carbs, or it'll cause your blood sugar to skyrocket. And then plummet.

So take it easy on the "carb-y" breakfasts (toast, fruit, bagels, muffins) and go with eggs. Stick with eggs, bacon and veggies.

Treat yourself to a cobb salad for lunch instead of pasta. And if you love snacking, grab some jerky and nuts.

Get "jiggy" with it

Don't be rude. Put your headphones on and pump up the volume. According the experts, listening to music while at work boosts concentration levels.

Rest your eyes.

If you get eye-strain from excessive computer use even when you're rested, imagine how badly it hurts to try that with no sleep. You'll get headaches and tired eyes. So occasionally take an eye breather.

How frequently? Around every 20 minutes, look away to the distance for 20 to 30 seconds. Looking away at a distance relaxes eye muscles that have been straining to read teeny-tiny font on your monitor. If possible, look away through a mirror for best results.

Grab a little bite!

Wait... Hold it! Hold it right there. Don't you dare run to that vending machine.

I mean, you can if you want. But junk food won't help you at all.

Ideally, bring something from home to eat. Make sure it's a small meal and healthy meal that'll keep you full and sustain your energy.

Nuts, fruits, and veggies preferred options. And instead of packing a big lunch, bring several smaller meals.

Bend... and snap

I hope y'all got that reference. That's a great movie.

Anyway, stretching does wonders for your energy. So get up from your seat. Breathe slowly and deeply. Hold each one while lifting your arms above your head. You should feel the difference after a minute.

Don't believe me? Well according to research, the slow deep breaths relax you and transfer lofty amounts of oxygen to your brain and every cell in your body.

The stretching alleviates and releases physical stress stored in your muscles.

See? You'll survive the day just fine. And if you're still having sleep trouble, I hear melatonin does wonders for that.