How to Stay Away from Video Games when Unemployed

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There are few things more tempting than the lure of video games and TV when you are laid off. You may be spending a good deal of time hunting for a job, but nowhere near as much time as you used to spend at your old job. This means you have a lot more time on your hands, and what else should you do with that time but entertain yourself?

Entertainment is a trap that sucks in most unemployed people (particularly young people), but you can’t let it get to you too! You need to stay away from video games, as they will stop you from being effective in your hunt for a new job.

How do you do that?

1. Use Your Time Wisely

Want to improve your chances of getting a good job? Take advantage of the extra free time you have and use it to study something. Finish your degree, start working towards your graduate degrees, or take courses that will impart new skills.

Get out of the house and spend your time either hunting for a job or brushing up on skills that will help you when you do start job hunting. If you must play, set a time limit and stick with it. Time-management is key!  

2. Avoid Bad Influences

If you know that inviting your buddies over on the weekend will lead to an intense COD or CS tournament, it’s best to NOT invite them over.

3. Lock It Up

Want to avoid the lure of video games? Lock your gaming console away in a safe or a closet, and give the key/combination to your partner/spouse/buddy. They will help you limit your time. Or, have them lock away your TV to ensure that you can only use it at certain hours of the day.

4. Make a To-Do List

To ensure that you complete everything that needs to be done BEFORE playing video games, make a "to do" list at the start of each new day. Fill it with all the important chores, tasks, and assignments that need to be completed. ONLY play video games when you have checked every item off that list.

5. Set "No Game" Days

Have a few days each week where you CANNOT play video games. Monday through Thursday are the best days to hunt for a job, so set these days as off-limits. You can allow yourself a bit of gaming on Friday in the afternoon, and you can enjoy the weekend. But, during the work week, NO GAMING!

The tempting lure of video games can be strong, but you need to be stronger! The advice above will help you resist the urge to play and keep you focused on your job hunt.

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