Stay Connected to Your Customer as a Mobile Business Traveler

The American businessman (or businesswoman) is changing. Briefcases and heavy file folders are replaced with sleek, shiny digital pads, airplane televisions with personal, hand-held entertainment. With workers carrying two or more devices when they travel, entertainment becomes key.

Especially among today’s workforce, where the average business traveler makes about 5.4 trips a year, doing things digitally has become so popular that businessmen find ways to sneak out their iPads and emails even on vacation. Targeting the mobile business client has become a very popular feeder for major technology companies looking to capitalize on a budding workforce industry.

The thirst for new mobile games, devices and entertainment continues to rise. (Only 2% of businessmen claim they can be productive on airplanes, hotels, or cafés). Companies are finding creative ways to bring better entertainment to the traveling workforce. Google, for example, is working to develop a new Tango phone that will work as a 120-degree camera and three-dimensional GPS. The phone will reportedly completely reinvent the philosophy of mobile gaming. Why watch an airplane movie when your handheld device is just that much better?

So, when 74% of workers are taking trips at least 250 miles away, there’s a lot of airport time involved. Airport time means downtime, and down time means mobile time.




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