How to Stay Creative When Doing the Same Thing Repeatedly

Businesses small and large thrive on being as creative as possible. The problem is most jobs involve doing the same things day after day with no changes. This can make going to work a giant pain in the rear end. And it stifles creativity. It’s difficult to be creative when you hate getting up in the morning to go work. But you can do something about it.

There are options available to people who need to replenish their creative bones again. We’re going to go through some of the best options below.

The Miracle of Coffee

Most people are at their creative peak early in the morning. It’s no surprise because most people are tired by the time lunch is over. Schedule your major tasks of the day around 90-minute windows. During a fifteen or twenty-minute break, have a cup of coffee. That caffeine boost can make you that much more productive because you’re shocking your brain to life again.

Of course, drink coffee in moderation. A caffeine addiction doesn’t help anybody, especially when you’re chained to the machine. At that point it’s more of a reliance than a form of help.

Get Straight to Work

Avoid checking your emails and spending the first hours of the day dealing with the more mundane tasks. You should get straight to work because this is where you’re at your most energetic. Your emails aren’t an emergency. Any real emergencies will find you quickly enough. In the meantime, sit down at your desk and shut everything else out.

Take a Walk

Taking a walk twice or three times per day can boost vitamin D levels and give your mind a rest. The brain can only concentrate for so long before it’s had enough and it wants to shut down for the day. Walks can make your brain concentrate for longer. If you try to work through the day without a single break, you’ll crash half way through it.

Furthermore, by changing your environment you’re more likely to see something that inspires you. Think about something close to your heart on the way and you may make progress because you saw something during your journey. You never know when inspiration might strike. Hanging on to something like this can be the spark needed to push through your boring day and get to the part you enjoy.

Set Small Goals

It’s easy to become disheartened and demotivated when the world is seemingly crushing down on top of you. A sense of achievement makes us think we can accomplish anything. The best thing you can do is to set small goals that you’re almost certain to achieve. They will give you a little challenge, but they’ll also boost your confidence because you know you’re having a real world impact.

Overcoming the Mundane

You may want some tips on how to eliminate the mundane entirely. There’s a reason why you won’t find a single point on this within this article. The fact of the matter is the mundane is essential to greatness. Nobody has made a long-term career out of doing something interesting every day of their lives. Look at your idols and you may believe that they have had easy lives. Not the case at all.

The vast majority of successful people spent hours and hours of obscurity doing what they love. Bill Gates spent night after night coding boring software and typing line after line that seemingly meant nothing at the time. Mozart spent years playing the same notes before he became a master of his craft. Don’t try to avoid the mundane. See it as necessary to accomplishing your goals.

Doing repetitive tasks may be necessary even for the most successful people in the world, but as you can see from the points above there are things you can do to stay creative while completing them.

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