How to Stay in Contact with Your Clients

Contact, engagement and customer service are just some of the aspects that clients expect, whether it’s part of a business deal or they’re purchasing something online or in-store. 

With an enormous number of advancements in technology, keeping in touch with friends, family members, colleagues and even clients is a lot easier than it was, let’s say, a decade ago. From social media to Google Alerts, there really is no excuse for a business to ignore their customers and for an iconic brand to shun their audience. 

For small businesses, there is a wide spectrum of effective and inexpensive methods to stay in contact with clients. Once these measures are employed, it will lead to greater customer acquisition, higher revenues, brand ubiquity and, most importantly, a bigger bottom line. 

Unsure how to stay in touch with clients? Here are seven ways to maintain contact with them:

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1. Newsletters & Email Marketing

An efficient way to regularly speak with your clients is through the power of newsletters. These newsletters can consist of content, corporate updates, upcoming deals and an array of call-to-actions (CTAs). Newsletters can certainly offer more than just encouraging your clients to buy more stuff, though that is the long-term intention. It is important to remember, however, that newsletters should still be personalized and catered to members of your clientele.

2. Customer Feedback Surveys

Is your company excelling at customer service or are clients disappointed for lack thereof? A customer feedback survey, or questionnaire, can be a clever way of seeking input from your clients and gaining an understanding into their perception of your business. These surveys can be performed through email, in-store or even over the telephone. As long as they aren’t too long, clients will be fine in taking part (perhaps offer a $100 cash prize for participation).

3. Social Media

The "social" in social media is an important word to embrace. Many companies, whether it’s because of zero time or indifference, do not participate in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This is a wrong move because your clients do follow your brand. You can remedy this dereliction by sharing content, thanking each person for the kind mention or providing exclusive Twitter discounts. Moreover, if a client made a big announcement on social media – pregnancy, kid’s graduation or new promotion – congratulate them.

4. Blog Commenting

Is your client a blogger? First, find out if they are and then create an alert to be informed each time a client has posted an article or a blog post. Second, comment on each article the customer has penned. The client will appreciate this and keep you in mind. Of course, this is only for those who create content.

5. Client Profiles & Alerts

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become the biggest trend in the workplace. This type of application inserts profiles of each client, including their consumer behaviors, personality traits and buying habits. In other words, you can learn intimate details about clients, so the next time you meet them, you can say, "How was the week-long vacation?" or "Were you able to land that big contract?" 

In addition, client alerts is another measure to be welcomed with open arms. By using Google Alerts, Talkwalker or Mention, you can set up an alert on the person’s name, company industry or topics of interest. Simply put: you can be up-to-date on a lot of facets of their lives.

6. Insider Deals

We all like a deal, no matter how big or small it is. Why not provide your clients insider deals? These types of deals can be offered through direct messaging on social networks, mobile apps or through email. Saving money, for some, is the greatest way to stay in regular touch with a client.

7. Postcard

Be honest: when was the last time you sent a personal handwritten letter or a postcard to someone? If it was before the advent of email, then perhaps this cheap trick should be incorporated into your marketing scheme. The next time you have a great promotion or you just want to thank your client for their dedication to your brand, shoot out a postcard.

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Communication is an imperative component of the business world. Although it’s quite common that people would prefer to speak with others primarily through email, offering a personal touch can make you stay ahead of the competition and always keep your brand name at the forefront of a client’s mind. Being different from your competitor breeds success.