How to Stay Psyched Up Despite a Boring Career

From a distance, everyone seems to be having an engaging and fulfilling career. However from an honest perspective, there are quite a number of people stuck in boring careers. Yes, they’ve tried all means to make their careers lively. But all the same, their efforts don’t seem to bear much fruit. This can be blamed on daily challenges they face such as...

Cyclical and Monotonous Tasks

This is not rocket science and I’m sure many are stuck in this dilemma. It’s true that companies usually assign different tasks to different people. However, the problem comes when the company doesn’t operate a revolving door policy on the same. And so what happens is that few months down the line, one feels like they’re running in circles. Their daily life then becomes a never-ending cycle consisting of the same monotonous activities.

Career Dead-lock and Stagnation

We always strive to advance in our careers. Ambition keeps us longing for something big and better. It even gets more exciting when we actually experience real progress in our careers. From promotions to salary hikes and even re-assignment to a better work station. Unfortunately, few people can boast of this since they feel like they’re in dead-lock. And as the dead-lock persists with time, then career stagnation creeps. Soon enough, you find yourself accepting your career situation. And since there are no viable job options, your hopes and dreams gradually fade away.

Job Uncertainty, Abrupt Disappointments and Short-comings

When we look into the future, we don’t want our hopes and dreams to be laden with uncertainty. Yet, this is the reality for most people today. Recent social, economic and political shake-ups in some countries have really affected business confidence negatively. This means that once the business starts experiencing a consistent negative trend, then people HAVE TO be layed off abruptly. This has even forced some businesses to hire staff that are...

Being Overworked and Under-appreciated

A perfect example of such a dilemma is the workers being slaved away in some Chinese factories. These factories are currently the preferred destination for outsourcing of cheap labour by multinational corporations to lower production costs. Many international brands have been accused of exploiting the much available labour in China to the extreme. There have even been countless human rights violations being ’overlooked’ to keep business going. In any case, most of these workers are not even entitled to a weekend, let alone working breaks.

How then does one stay Psyched Up Despite a Boring Career?

Review and Redefine your Worthwhile End-goals Frequently

It would be wise to have flexible and dynamic end-goals just to be on the safe side. Reason being that in such times of uncertainty and volatility, the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed with disappointments which would of course bring about a sense of reckless despair. All it takes is for you to review and redefine your end-goals frequently on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. That way, your career ambitions will look more realistic with each passing day. Plus, you’ll stay psyched up having realized that your tolerance for a boring career is not in vain.

Have some Motivational Incentives in Place

For you to stay psyched up, you’ve got to aim for a price. Think of yourself as a kid in class. A teacher can reward you with candy for every question answered correctly. Similarly, you can decide to put some motivational incentives in place to keep you going. For instance, you can decide to finish the week’s workload in two days’ time and have the rest of the week to yourself. You can even organize a get away vacation for yourself once in a while to add some twist of adventure to it. This of course will be at your own discretion.

Try out new and exciting challenges that are foreign to your career

Problem is, you can’t stay psyched up by doing the same things you’re used to. Risk takers on the other hand experience the thrill that comes with trying out new and exciting challenges. You’ll therefore have to list down a resolution list of sorts. This list should have challenges that you’ve dared yourself to pursue. Plus of course, there should be a reasonable time frame to it. That way, your mind will broaden beyond the confines of your boring workplace. New ideas will begin to unfold in your mind and before you know it, your career has transformed because you’ve embraced new challenges. If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what will...

I think having a boring career has a lot to do with trying to fit it. Everybody wants to have a normal career just like everybody else. And as we all know, when we’re used to normal things, it gets boring. As Maya Angelou once put it, "If you are always trying to be normal. you will never know how amazing you can be."

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