How to Stay Warm in a Cold Office

There are two scenarios where employees might become cold in an office setting. One would be during the winter season when it’s cold outside and even with the heat on in the office, there is still a chill in the air. The other scenario would be during the hot summer season when the office is cooled by the air conditioning. Sometimes the cool air is too much and employees might be chilly. This article will discuss some practical steps to help employees stay warm in a cold office setting.

Step # 1 – Layer Your Clothing

Layering your clothing is a great way to stay warm in a cold office. The best part is that if you start to get too warm after a while, you can remove a layer of clothing, like your extra sweater. If your office environment is more laidback, you can go the more dramatic route of wearing a Snuggie. You can find those for about $20 at retail stores like Target and CVS. Another option which may be more stylish is to wear shawls or scarves. Wholesale Scarves USA and Zappos offer stylish scarves at reasonably inexpensive prices.    

Step # 2 – Use a Space Heater

Using a space heater in your office or at your cubicle is a way that you can keep your work station warm in a cold office. You can find space heaters for as low as $25 at certain stores like Lowes and Home Depot. However, with this step, you definitely need to speak with your manager or HR Department first. You need to check with your office regulations to find out if you are even permitted to use one in your office space. Also, remember to turn off and unplug the unit each day when you leave work.   

Step # 3 – Get Up and Move Around

Getting up during your breaks and lunch time is another good way to stay warm in a cold office setting. Moving around gets the blood flowing and being active will help you in more ways than one—you’ll also gain health benefits as you improve your cardiovascular and bone health. There is some valuable information in this Washington Post article about workout activities for the office environment. The infographics department at the Post tested a variety of exercises to ascertain which ones could be incorporated by employees into their work day. Physical fitness experts recommended these 12 exercises and you can view them in the article.

Step # 4 – Wear Fingerless Gloves

Our fingers can handle cold better than the rest of our hands and arms. Another option is to wear fingerless gloves. Amazon has some current offers for fingerless gloves for the following price range: $0.50 – $15.00. If you’d like to wear heated gloves, you can check out these USB heated gloves listed on which range in price from $4.99 – $29.95.  

Step # 5 – Drink a Hot Beverage

During the summer time we all enjoy drinking either iced coffee or iced tea. However, if you are trying to stay warm in an overly cool office setting, drinking a hot beverage will help you warm up. Many offices have hot coffee or tea for employees. However, if they don’t offer it, make a quick coffee or tea run. Starbucks offers a My Starbucks Reward Card where you can register online for free and receive exclusive offers simply by registering. Dunkin Donuts offers a DD Perks rewards card where members can also register for free and receive free medium beverages and special offers and promotions. If you’re trying to save money, making coffee or tea at home and bringing it to work in a thermos will help in that respect.   

Staying warm in a cold office can be accomplished with some creativity as outlined by the five steps in this article. Remember, that if you are going with step # 2 using a space heater, don’t forget to first discuss this with management and obtain permission.


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