How to Stimulate Creative Thinking as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, stimulating creative thinking is essential. Creativity is what made you persevere, has given you drive, and helped to fuel the fire for you to become an innovator. Learning how to harness creative brain power in the work place will give you the boost you need to turn the seemingly impossible into a reality. 

Pull from the Frontlines

Your creative team is usually comprised of thinkers, artistic individuals, and analysts. Pulling staff members from non-creative departments to the front lines can help stimulate creativity. These are your bread and butter employees, the ones who handle your products, sales, and perform the services your company provides each day. Since these individuals are in constant contact with what your company sells, they can usually provide insights into the inner workings of certain processes due to their vantage point. In some cases, specialised training is trumped by instinct which can only be found in frontline employees.

Up the Anty

Setting high goals for yourself and your employees will increase creative thinking. This is due to the fact that our human nature compels us to work harder when challenged. When a problem seems unsurpassable, you and your staff must become flexible and begin thinking outside the box to find a solution. Force yourself and your team to shoot for the moon and no matter what you will land among the stars.

Encourage Play

Play is just as important as focus when it comes to creative stimulation. The theory to keep in mind is "whole brain thinking." Some researchers believe that individuals are prone to using one side of the brain more often than the other; the right side being more creative and the left more analytical. Whole brain thinking can only be achieved when both sides of the brain are stimulated and when you and your team are firing on all cylinders, these distinctly different thought processes begin to work together more harmoniously. Making time for fun can and will help you and your staff get your creative juices flowing again.

Practice Rapid Thought Exercises

Rapid thought is very like brainstorming. By performing exercises that force individuals to think quickly on their feet, you are in essence brain storming to solve a problem. Develop a swift-flow approach to idea generation and even though only one out of one hundred ideas may be a plausible solution, it’s still a solution. When designing the first light bulb, Thomas Edison once commented on rapid thought, "I haven’t failed; I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work."


Sometimes looking at the big picture can be creatively overwhelming. When your senses are on overload, you cannot effectively see the forest through the trees. The best way to tackle large projects or problems is to strategise, and to strategise you must break the problem or project down into workable parts. As you work through each section, you will find ways to improve others, be open minded and let your strategic planning help you break down creative barriers.

These steps to creativity can take practice, but they are proven and effective ways to conquer the block. Once you are over the hurdle and find your flow, these practices will become a strong catalyst for creative thinking and help you continuously improve as a leader and innovator.


Image: istock