How to Stop Complaining at Work

Your alarm clock didn’t go off. Then your toast burned and you’re out of coffee beans. You were already late by the time you ran for the bus, then you missed it and to top it all off, it started to pour. It’s almost impossible not to complain after a morning like this, and it’s one of those times when it would be completely justified. But complaining 24/7 or just for the sake of it isn’t going to make you a very fun person to be around at the office. Just think about that one coworker who never stops saying how much everything sucks. You don’t exactly love sitting next to them at a meeting, right? Check out this how-to guide and never complain at work ever again, no matter how much of a bad day you’re having.

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1. Say Something Positive

There are certain people that are sunny, optimistic people who always have good things to say about every person and every situation. Then there are those who seem to have negativity programmed into them and they’re always ready to respond to something with a negative comment. The next time your boss asks you how your current project is going or your cubicle neighbour inquires about your weekend, stop and pause before you say something negative. Instead, answer in a positive manner. You can definitely find something good to say about the work that you’re doing, right? You love your job, after all.

2. Get Yourself Into a Good Mood

You may be especially prone to complaints at the office when you’re having a rough week full of too much work. You might even have some things going on in your personal life that are stressing you out. We all go through that sometimes. But if you can force yourself into a good mood, you won’t feel like complaining anymore. You’ll remember why you like your life and your job and why you’re lucky to be where you are.

We’re all different and what gets your fellow employees smiling and happy won’t always work for you. Maybe you get a burst of energy from sticking to a healthy diet and enjoying a breakfast smoothie filled with banana and strawberries will set you up for a good day at work, not to mention the huge kale salad you’re planning to enjoy for lunch at your desk. Maybe you’ve got a persistent sweet tooth and looking forward to a giant blueberry muffin at 3 p.m. is the only way to get you through the day without a single complaint. Find whatever works for you and make sure you keep the happy feelings going all day long.

3. Spend Time with a Complainer

It’s often helpful to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, as the popular saying goes. You realize how it feels to be treated a certain way. So spend some time with someone you know who complains a lot, whether a coworker, friend or relative. You’ll quickly understand how exhausting, annoying and stressful it can be to hear a litany of constant complaints, and it will make you never want to be that way.

4. Write Down Your Complaints

Instead of telling your coworker how pissed off you are, try writing down any complaints that are running through your head at that moment. It will get them off your chest so you won’t have to verbally say them, and it will also make you realize that most complaints aren’t justified at all.

This strategy will work if you also write down a positive answer to each complaint. Did you wait for ten minutes to get coffee today? You’re pretty lucky to be able to afford that fancy cup of coffee. Your boss wants you to stay late tonight? They value you and see you as an important part of the work that your company is doing. And besides, you normally enjoy your job and career, so this is just part of the course. It’s not the worst thing in the world and it’s not like you have to stay late every single evening.

5. Enlist a Coworker

You don’t work alone so you should take advantage of the people around you and let them help you on your quest to stop complaining. Tell a coworker what you’re trying to do and say you will buy them coffee every single time you complain. They will happily agree since they might be hoping you will lose and they will get a free coffee out of the deal. But you will be equally motivated since this will get pretty expensive after a few complaints.

6. Take up Yoga

You may be super bored by the idea of stretching for an hour, but yoga is so much more than just a series of poses, many of which do involve some intense and more moderate stretches. Yoga can help you stop complaining because it invites you to slow down, learn to breathe, and really notice your surroundings and how you feel in relation to them. It’s not something that we typically do. But yoga wants you to learn how to be calm even in situations when you would usually complain. If you’ve just gotten out of a super long meeting and want to whine to your coworker that it was so boring and a waste of time, remember your yoga practice and take a few deep breaths. You will lose the sense of urgency that made you want to complain in the first place, and will realize that you can let go of your annoyed feelings about the meeting.

7. Learn to Cook

This may seem like an unusual way to learn to stop complaining all the time. But cooking is a mysterious, magical thing. When you prepare a meal, whether just a simple dinner of pasta and tomato sauce for yourself or a more elaborate weekend dinner for a group of friends, it makes you grateful for the food that you have access to and that you are alive and well and even have the opportunity to cook. You will find it hard to complain when you start cooking for yourself all the time because you will be enjoying some delicious, healthy meals and, as a bonus, you will be having tons of fun. There isn’tt much more satisfying than baking bread from scratch or learning that you can make an easy, healthy jam with some berries and a few spoonfuls of chia seeds.

8. Only Complain Outside the Office

You may be able to never say a bad thing at the office but it’s always a different story when you’re around your group of friends or some family members. It’s not possible to never ever complain, so give yourself a break and allow yourself a few complaints when you’re away from work. This method will work out really well since you will get it out of your system and won’t even feel the need to say anything negative at the office since you already said it to your best friend on the phone last night.

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Check out this how-to guide on some easy ways to stop complaining all the time at the office. You will stop annoying everyone around you and even feel much better since you won’t be in such a negative mindset all the time. You can then focus on what’s really important: doing your job.