How to Stop Focusing on the Success of Others & Start Creating Your Own


If you want to become successful, you are usually told to follow the works of such people or model their behavior. Now, that is sage advice because you will be motivated and learn how they became successful and how you can succeed as well. However, sometimes when you focus so closely on the success of others, you may begin to feel more intimidated and think you’ll never achieve their level of achievement. Comparing yourself to successful people can be dangerous if you’re not careful in the process. This article will address how you can stop focusing on the success of others and start creating your own.

1. Be Realistic

The first step in this process involves being realistic of the situation. You need to watch, learn from and model the behavior of successful people. However, if you want the process of creating your own success to be effective, you must consider your current reality. That involves assessing where you are at in your career, your personal development and how this applies to the development of goals. All successful people know how to assess their own reality and make effective goals to create a new and prosperous reality for their lives. So, continue to read self-help books, listen to podcasts and work with an accountability partner who has achieved a level of success that is higher than what you have accomplished. However, always balance those factors with your current reality and realistic goals—so that you won’t get unmotivated if you don’t succeed as quickly.

2. Be Open

The second step involves being open to all the possibilities of success that can become possible for you if you follow a definitive plan that works well within your parameters—abilitiescircumstances and mindset. Allow yourself to define what you like about the qualities and characteristics of the successful people that you are following. Open yourself to the idea that you can model such behavior. However, there will be explicit steps that you need to complete in order to make your own personal journey toward success. Understand that you need to observe the successes of others while finding the specific way that you can apply these lessons to your life and create your own success. This process of openness will only work if you are open to the fact that constant comparisons will never motivate you toward success.

3. Be Accepting

After you have processed the idea that you need to be open to a new way of thinking, learn how to be accepting of your current position. If you focus too much on the successes of others, then you risk losing your rewards of creating your own success because you delved into the negative comparison hole. It’s a black hole and takes a long way to get out of it once you’ve gotten in. Accepting your parameters of abilities, circumstances and mindset will enable you to have a clear-headed vision of where your starting point begins. When you know that point, you will be able to mesh every other factor into place for a more concise and definitive plan to be implemented. Again, accepting your parameters with a clear head will help you not to lose your motivation. Rather, you will become more motivated to succeed because you have started with a self-acceptance—not self-deprecation.

4. Be Proactive

After acceptance, comes the need for being proactive. You will never become successful if all you do is focus solely on the successful person and never create your own plan for success. As you watch and try to model the behavior of these successful people, observe how they consistently tell others to make goals and be specific with their planning. If you want to follow in their footsteps and create your own reality of success, begin to turn your focus from them to creating your action plan. When you have your own idea of what a successful life would look like to you, then your mindset will stop focusing on the successes of others and you will be able to consistently cultivate your own mindset for continued success.

5. Be Consistent

The final step in the process toward focusing on your own success rather than the achievements of others, is to be consistent in your behavior. Remember that all successful people have accomplished great things by being consistent on how they behave in both their personal and professional lives. This behavior must be positive and innovative in order to increase their chances of productivity. So, as you turn away from focusing solely on the successful role models in your life, begin to focus on cultivating a positive consistency for creative productivity in your life.

If you want to be successful, have you gotten stuck in a rut of constantly comparing yourself to accomplished people and think you’ll never create your own reality of success? Share your experiences in the comments section below.