How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Living

How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Living

George Washington Carver said, “Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” When you make an excuse you are putting up your own roadblocks that will hinder your success. Individuals who can find the inner determination to refrain from making excuses and instead accept the challenges that come their way—will succeed in accomplishing goals. This article will share some steps to consider when deciding to stop making excuses and start living.

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1. Recognize the Benefits of Removing Excuses

You need to start the process of eradicating excuses from your life by recognizing the positive benefits of doing so. One of the major benefits is that you will accomplish more goals and experience less wasted time. Excuses often cause you to become your own worst enemy by cultivating a cycle of negative thoughts.

However, once you realize the benefits of removing excuses, you will be able to change your thought process in order to begin to cultivate positive thoughts. Additionally, your stress level will be decreased because you are developing positive characteristics in your life through determination and perseverance.

2. Acknowledge That Excuses Will Still Happen

During this process it is important to realize that you will not be able to completely eradicate excuses from your life. After all, we’re human and imperfect. However, it is possible to live as “excuse-free” as you can. The reason that you need to acknowledge this fact is because you will experience setbacks during your journey. When you experience these setbacks and make an excuse, you need to have a mindset already in place that will motivate you to move forward. Basically, you must acknowledge the setback and work even harder at living excuse-free.

3. Make a Decision and Become Accountable

The next step in the process involves making a firm decision to dedicate to living an excuse-free life. Additionally, you must be accountable to yourself and someone else. This accountability partner needs to be someone that you completely trust and is also a great motivator. You will need that positive motivation in your life in order to succeed in this journey.

The more you practice at removing excuses from your life, the more able you will be to continue to start living a productive life. Your accountability partner can help you to be more productive while eliminating laziness, procrastination and disorganization from ruining your development through daily excuses.

4. Identify the Excuses You Make Each Day

After you have made a decision to live an excuse-free life, you need to identify the various excuses you make each day. You must ensure that you don’t fall into the denial trap and deny that you are actually making excuses each day. Additionally, some people are trapped by their excuses because they justify them and think they’re not hurting themselves and their productive future. The identification process can be brutal, but it is vital in order to move forward toward living a successful life.

5. Stop Making Excuses and Start Living Life

After you have identified the excuses that you make each day, it is important to stop making them and start living your life. This process must begin by you having a perspective overhaul where you focus on positive thoughts and ways that you can become more productive in your life.

Start to focus on changing your behavior patterns and don’t follow the usual status quo of when you blindly allowed your excuses to take over your life. You are the only one who can enact true change in your life. Motivators and accountability partners can help you, but they cannot force you into action—only you can do that.

6. Brainstorm Creative Solutions for Living Excuse-Free

In order to ensure that you will successfully stop making excuses, you need to brainstorm creative solutions for living excuse-free. Maybe you have been making excuses because you have continually failed at a goal and don’t think you actually have the skills to achieve it. However, maybe you simply need to take a creative look at the issue and think outside the box to find a new solution that will work with your current skillsets and abilities.

Usually, we fall into those traps of continually making excuses, because we are in the middle of a frustrating problem that we cannot fix. Sometimes in order to fix the excuse problem, we need to fix the actual problem. You need to come up with an action plan that will help you to accomplish your goals while eliminating excuses from blocking your pathway.

7. Remove Procrastination and Increase Your Confidence

The final step in this process involves removing procrastination from your life and increasing your self-confidence level. You cannot allow procrastination to cultivate further excuses and take over your life. As you continue to achieve your goals, your self-confidence level will automatically begin to increase. Accept new challenges and goals with determination rather than deflecting them through procrastination.

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If you want to live a productive life, you need to stop making excuses and starting living. What steps have you taken in your own life to eliminate the negative cycle of continually making excuses? Your thoughts and comments below please...