How to Stop Overthinking

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Even though we try our best to be positive, sometimes that’s just not enough. Every now and then, we catch ourselves thinking about the past and, most specifically, mistakes we’ve made in the past or encounters with people that are no longer in our lives. In order to give a satisfying answer to ourselves, we often wonder what went wrong or might go wrong if certain things happen in the future. Then, without realizing it, we fall into this spiraling negative thinking pattern and we tend to overanalyze the facts, reading too much into things that aren’t actually true.

If this is you, then you are one of the many ‘ruminators’ or ‘over-thinkers’ currently living on this planet. While overthinking is quite common, it is actually harmful to your health. To be precise, many studies have shown that overanalyzing things can affect your performance and it can lead to anxiety and depression.

So, in order to prevent this from happening to you, check out the following tips to help you stop overthinking and embrace a happy life:

1. Change your focus

When your mind runs wild, you tend to concentrate on those things that have made you upset in the past or on current worries you have at the moment. Well, when this happens, you need to find something else to distract your mind. Instead of focusing on the negative side of life, think about the positive experiences you were able to get out from past events or on what you’ve accomplished so far. This is far more beneficial to you in terms of letting go and putting all of your energy on the things that matter the most.

2. Get busy

When you keep yourself busy, you are essentially forcing yourself to alter the focus of your attention from overanalyzing to something else. Your mind says ‘I don’t have time for this now’, so you are subconsciously casting unhelpful thoughts away. So, find something to do: take up a new hobby like gardening, painting or creating crafts. By doing this, you not only boost your performance and become more productive, but you also get to try out new things challenging yourself to move forward.

3. Get physical

Exercising is good for the body but also for your mind and soul, too. Walking, playing sports, swimming or running can interrupt these negative thoughts that seem to be on repeat in your mind. Such activities can help you get your mind off things since they require from you to go out and do something different from what you are used to. Despite the fact that exercising is a routine in itself, it’s far more rewarding and productive than remaining stagnant and thinking about the things you can’t change.

4. Commit to something

In order to stop yourself from overthinking, you need to commit yourself to something. Find out what it is that you want out of your life and stick to that. No matter what happens, try your best to stay on that course and don’t give in to easy but unhelpful solutions. Once you’ve decided on your goals, don’t let any thoughts distract you from getting what you want, and you will find that this is much more invigorating than you thought.

5. Take life as it comes

This is actually a great piece of advice as it works for just about anything. The only way you can be happy is to remove the stress from your life and everything that’s associated with it. Since life is unpredictable, you are never 100 percent sure about how things will turn out; hence, it’s really not worth getting anxious about anything. What you need to do is think about how you can make the most of the journey that’s called life: “If life gives you lemons, make yourself some lemonade”.

6. Let it go

Since it’s impossible to control and know everything, you should try to make peace with your mind and stop overanalyzing things, including what could have happened and what might happen. When you are too obsessed about the past and the future, you are only wasting precious time of the present moment. Only when you are ready to let go of those things and surrender yourself to the universe will you be able to live truthfully and completely.

If you manage to detox your mind from these unnecessary negative thoughts and avoid the temptation of overanalyzing past experiences and events, it will be much easier for you to enjoy a life without stress or regrets! So, don’t forget to enjoy every minute of each hour and each hour of every day.

In the meantime, check out this inspiring video from Infinite Waters that explains how overthinking can affect your wellbeing and suggests some ways on how to stop it:

What will you do today to ensure that you will enjoy every minute of it? Let us know in the comments section below…