How to Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating

Are you the sort of person that meticulously writes a to-do list but never manages to commit to it? Do you spend half your day procrastinating and then realise your deadline is far too close and you probably won’t meet it? Then use these tips below to make your day more productive and eliminate procrastination!

Write a feasible to do list

Write a list of tasks that you know you can (and need) to achieve that day. There’s no point listing something that has an open deadline – only focus on the day ahead to make your tasks more manageable.

Limit your time per task

Allocate clear timeframes to each task, and stick to them. Always keep one eye on the clock and turn the process into a personal challenge to make your work more fun.

Keep the list visible

Put the list somewhere obvious and regularly check back on it.

Do the worst tasks first

Most of us start our days more energised and determined, so tackle the most challenging task first.

Reward yourself

Have a ritual every time you complete a task. Whether you get up from your desk for 5 minutes, make yourself a hot drink or eat another m&m, have a personal reward system in place that you stick to every time you complete a task. This will give you more motivation to finish each activity and move on to the next.

Switch off distractions

When working on a task, close your inbox, switch your phone on silent, and set your status to busy. Plug in your headphones and look busy. Do whatever you can to reduce the chances of getting distracted.

Start your day again at 2pm

After lunch, assess what you have accomplished so far in the day. Evaluate your day and check to see whether you have any new tasks that have become high priority. This will give you plenty of time to tackle any new projects, rather than leaving them until the end of the day – when you’re out of time.