Strange Jobs From the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan has always been known for producing some of the most innovative and unique products which are of the highest quality. They have established a good reputation for manufacturing goods of the highest quality. However, it is notable that they do have some very peculiar practices that often leaves the world in awe and disbelief. Take the strange jobs that you encounter in the land of the rising sun for example.

If you happen to have a penchant for doing strange things and are actually good at it, you can consider relocating to Japan and taking on a full time job there. You may just find the right kind of work for you that will leave you highly satisfied and well compensated. So while others may laugh about the absurdity of it all, you can also laugh your way to the bank.

1. Wedding Ceremony Guest For Hire

While some people may want to keep their wedding guests at a minimum to save on costs, you will find that in Japan they will actually hire people to stand in as guests. This is to make their wedding ceremony livelier and more festive. So all you need to do is look snappy, smile and wish the newlyweds utmost happiness. On top of that, you get to eat and drink for free as well! The expected pay-out for this would be around $50 plus the free drinks, food and other giveaways.

2. Bad Smell Specialist

Is your nose particularly sensitive to bad odour? Then put it to good use as Japan would offer a salary of around $25,000 to $50,000 for this job. In fact, there is even a national certification required for those who wish to work as Olfactory Measurement Operators or, as the world would know it, bad smell specialists. This is in line with one of the country’s special laws known as the “Offensive Odor Control Law” which will protect its residents from any bad odours.

3. Dog Food Tester

If you  love eating and dogs, then this is the best work for you. You can now help out your canine friends by trying out if their food is delicious and healthy enough for them. It’s an easy enough job if you have the stomach for it.

4. Bug and Insect Breeders

Not everyone is going to love you for your interest in these not too appealing animals. However, Japan would pay you up to $50,000 to produce some of the grossest bugs and insects imaginable. But don’t worry, they aren’t meant for eating. The bugs and insects would be used for sales and researches by various businesses.

5. Shoe Fitter and Consultant

Yes, you can actually make money by trying on shoes and giving your opinion about your experience with the footwear. You can actually earn up to $98,000 with this job. For anyone who happens to have a shoe fetish, this dream job is worth moving a thousand miles to the land of the rising sun.

Another Special Job

As if the jobs mentioned aren’t enough, you can also try one more strange job which is to become a vinegar sommelier. But that would mean competing against Mitsuyasu Uchibori who happens to be Japan’s first and premier vinegar specialist. You may want to take on the challenge however bear in mind that the amount of money that you can potentially earn is undisclosed.

So if you happen to be interested in the most peculiar things and would want to do something unconventional with your life, you can actually consider working in the land of the rising sun and get a strange job that pays surprisingly well.

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