How to Strategically use Clientele Partnership to your Career Advantage

When it comes to advancing our careers, our clients are the real invigilators of our career performance. Because unlike our supervisors, it’s clientele opinion regarding our respective products and services that keeps business going through consistent demand. However, many of us tend to underestimate the power of clientele partnership largely because professionalism dictates that it’s unwise to mix friendship with business. However, this isn’t necessarily true as long as you’re aware of the...

Precautions to be made when mixing Clientele Friendship with Business
Your client is not like your immediate personal friend. That’s because our personal friends tend to take advantage of us at times and we’ve formed a habit of fondly forgiving them. But when it comes to clientele, the friendship should precautiously revolve around feelings of indifference because it’s rare to find a client that’s willing to make sacrifices that a personal friend would. Therefore, in light of precautiously mixing friendship with business, you should:

  • Build mutual trust and respect one step at a time. Rushing to build your friendship creates the impression that you’re carefree thus giving the client a firm foothold in exploiting your business vulnerabilities.
  • Have a mutual give-and-take partnership. Otherwise, a wicked client that gives you too many favours might one day blackmail you into performing a sinister act that betrays your integrity.
  • Avoid personal matters as much as possible. In any case powerful clients that are suddenly disgruntled with you might rear their ugly side and harm your loved ones. 
  • Do a background check on your Client before building a partnership. Histories of criminal activity, mental illness, prior jail time, drug addiction, family violence and so forth should raise red flags..
  • Have a disciplined theme in mind when building partnership with individual clientele. That way, when lines are crossed, you’ll keep the clientele cautious and disciplined by reminding them of the guaranteed repercussions.
  • Last but not least, know your strengths and weaknesses by seeking legal counsel. From company policy to clientele relations, a lawyer is the best advisor suited to curve out the best boundaries to build around your partnerships. That way, you’ll know how to argue out your cases professionally instead of resulting to naive and legally costly actions to prove your point.

Now that you’ve put on your armour, the real question we should ask is...

How should we Strategically use Clientele Partnership to our Career Advantage?
When it comes to connecting clientele partnership with career advantages, this cohesion can be strategically used as:

#1 A Bridge to expanding your Network Presence in your Niche
When a client is pleased with your hospitable product and service delivery, favourable rumours will spread and consequently, new clientele will always be netted in. And if the consistency is maintained, then a personal benchmark is established and before you know it, you’re a force to be reckoned with in your respective niche.

#2 A Builder of Contingency Measures
Business collapses and Job Losses are usually the order of the day in this age of frequent economic shake-ups. And when things are bad, everyone needs an insurance package to keep them going. And what better way to curve out a free and convenient insurance package than to build partnership with your clientele? That way, contingency benefits in terms of will always be at arms reach even when your very career is jeopardized by sudden retrenchment or collapse of business.

#3 A Connector to Better Opportunities to reduce chances of Career Stagnation
Besides contingency measures, you’ll also have an array of options in case you feel that you’re not achieving your full potential in your current preoccupation. However, it should be duly noted that frequent hopping from one preoccupation to another creates an impression that you’re an opportunist that’s merely driven by material gain. Therefore, integral caution and restraint should be applied when considering lucrative job options for career advancement.

From what we’ve discussed above, it’s clear that for you to mix friendship with business, you’ve got to play your cards right. That’s because the world of business is not a children’s park that entertains naive and mediocre decisions. Ultimately, it’s a game of survival for the fittest. And those who strategically use clientele partnership to their career advantage will always have the upper hand in doing business.

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