How to Strike a Healthy Career Balance Between Personality And Functionality

Everyone has a unique personality. In fact, if people were super creative, we would be boasting of roughly 7 billion unique careers in the world today. Unfortunately, the circumstances are such that people are limited by the reality of job market forces on the ground which aren’t exactly tailor-made to suit everyone’s individual personality. And though we’ve got many competent workers with functional capability, not all of them feel like they belong to their current preoccupations. This in effect has led to many people being stuck in odd and unfulfilling jobs just to make ends meet.

Repercussions of Solely Depending on Functionality in your Career
As I reiterated earlier, many people simply work because they HAVE to work. Yes, they’re competent and all but they feel so numb and indifferent to their careers. For instance, consider the Chinese job market where there is an oversupply of competent labour force that ends up in underpaying factories. It’s not that they wouldn’t like to quit. It’s just that they lack any viable exit strategy to a job they would truly belong to. And so, as they solely depend on functionality to progress in their careers, they tend to:

  • Become robotic and monotonous in their daily job endeavours.
  • Succumb to career stagnation since there is no real passion for progress.
  • Endure instead of enjoying their career journey.
  • Lack purpose as they hop from one job to another solely for the perks and salaries.
  • Settle for mediocrity as they carry along with competence threshold.
  • Become evasive and defiant in tackling real career issues as long as they’re doing ’fine’.
  • Lose their vibrant personalities as they become unconscious and indifferent to whatever opportunity that comes by.
  • Lose a sense of meaningful direction in their careers as they run in circles.

How then Does one Strike a Healthy Career Balance Between Personality and Functionality?
Despite the fact that people largely pursue similar degrees, the extent of their functionality largely depends on individual personality attributes they’ve factored in. For instance, when recruiters are overwhelmed by a large turnout of competent candidates, they tend to use personality suitability as a viable manipulative tactic in determining the suitable candidate. Plus, it’s quite easy to know fellow workmates that belong to their jobs. And so, in a bid to balance personality with functionality you should:

#1 Strike Work/Play Balance By Keeping your Inner Child Creativity Afresh
Isn’t it funny how we tend underestimate the obvious rules of life? For instance, we’ve been told time and time again that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. 

  • And despite the fact that we’re fully aware of this, we continue overworking ourselves and dismissing play as a mere child’s past time. 
  • We then wallow in stressful and unfulfilling careers wondering where we went wrong. If only we learn to keep our inner child creativity afresh, then we can use playful tactics at the workplace to our advantage. 
  • Otherwise, without striking a work/play balance, we’re doomed to endure a robotic career journey of nothing but mere functional capability.

#2 Avoid Potentially Retrogressive Career Opportunities
Consider an individual who has to choose between a fulfilling internship and a well paying job that requires little skills. 

  • From layman’s logic, many people would prefer getting paid more for working less. It’s like doubling someone’s salary after slashing their working hours by fifty percent. 
  • But what happens to the viable skills and work experience gained from the fulfilling internship. What if such skills become obsolete in the well paying job? 
  • With time, incompetence kicks in as productivity sharply declines. 
  • Despite such repercussions, a resounding majority are usually blinded by material ambition to betray their true path thus making retrogressive career decisions. 

#3 Be Objective About your Ideal Career
The ultimate question that should always stick to your mind is, what ideal career do you really want? 

  • Besides your dream salary, you should note down intricate factors such as work environment, work experience, exposure and so forth. 
  • Moreover, you should consider the path you plan to take to reach your dream career destination. 
  • The ideal career should also be a daring challenge that transforms you to a whole new level. 
  • Otherwise, if you lack vision, you’ll always make career decisions that keep you running in circles without any meaningful sense of direction.

From a distance, people wake up everyday go to work and earn a living. However, this logic per se is quite assuming to say the least. And that’s because other than money, people are looking for a career that accommodates a healthy balance between personality and functionality. As Richard Branson once said "I have never gone into any business purely to make money. If that is the sole purpose, then I believe you are better off doing nothing."

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