Struggling Job Seeker: Will Donate Eggs for Cash

If your career is waning and you need time to figure out how to get yourself back on track but need to make some quick cash in the process, you can now make serious money by selling your eggs (and I don’t mean the ones you buy from the local market). Yes, we are getting closer to the movie Gattaca all the time. If you have never seen the film, I suggest you watch it. But the main premise is that in the very near future people will be able to have designer babies with no defects. It seems now that with a growing number of struggling models and actresses selling their eggs, designer babies are becoming a reality!

According to recent reports, models and actresses are the most common candidates who opt for selling their eggs for in-vitro fertilization. The amount of money paid for each donation can be up to $20,000; a huge amount of money which can be a real help to those starting out in their careers.

The reasons behind many opting to follow this route, is to avoid falling into the more seedy avenues of stripping and prostitution to make big money, fast. Robyn Marie Young, an egg donor stated “I didn’t want to be a stripper. I wanted to figure out my career, so there was really no other choice at the time”. 

Students struggling with the mounting student debt are also taking an interest in this new-found way to make money, however there are restrictions in place and applicants much pass health and background checks to make sure they are the ‘cream of the crop’.

The higher someone’s grades are the more money they can demand as an egg donor. So if you are a stunningly beautiful, perfectly healthy Harvard graduate then you are going to get a lot of money for your eggs! However, there are limits. Each donor can only donate 6 times. But if you donate 6 times and get $10,000 - $20,000 each time then you certainly won’t have any University loans to worry about.

Is it tantamount to prostitution?

It is an extremely painful procedure having the eggs harvested from their bodies, so it seems almost like a form of prostitution in some ways. The bodily pain and dread you go through to make money at the end of it all… Some may say it is a beautiful thing these women are doing, after all they are providing couples who cannot have children with the gift of a child in essence.

You have to ask yourself though. Is this what you would want for your daughter, or to do yourself? Most people I think would say no; but there are many up sides to a woman selling her eggs, most importantly potentially making herself financially stable. Perhaps it will be made illegal eventually, but for the moment it seems there’s a lot of money to be made if you’re pretty and smart.