Studies Prove Heavy Music is a Confidence Booster - But Can It Help You in Office?

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Ever thought of turning up the bass before asking for a salary raise from your boss? A weird idea, you would think! But the reality could be otherwise.

As per a new study, conducted by the Dennis Y. Hsu, a Northwestern Professor, bass-powered music has an unbelievable capacity to increase your confidence. The professor further says the effect of such heavy music is not only good at entertaining but also has a rare ability to imbue individuals giving them a true sense of power.

As noted by Tom Jacobs in the Pacific Standards, prominent writers like George Eliot and Henry David Thoreau have also appreciated the salient feature of fiery music, which can raise you into action. The new research also offers empirical evidence on the fact.

The Study

Jacobs details one of the experiments conducted in this regard. The experiment was conducted with 78 undergraduates who were asked to listen to a 2-minute instrumental music in different conditions – a subdued setting and a bass line setting. These students were later asked to rate how dominant, powerful and determined they felt after listening. It was based on how strong they felt on three positive feelings – enthusiasm, excitement and happiness.

The Result

Individuals who listened to the heavy bass line were happier, more determined, dominant and powerful when compared to their peers who listened to easy music or did not listen anything.

Researchers also recollected how James Earl commanded when he was voicing for Darth Vader in the movie “Star Wars”. It also shows that Bosses with deep voices have better chance of being successful.

So next time you have something playing on your headphones, consider the events coming up. Music has a lot to do with your emotions. Researchers also believe that individuals can make use of specific music components to express a feeling of power and practice those senses internally.

In the Office

There are several occasions in the office where you need to brace yourself. Asking for a long leave, talking to your boss about a salary raise, announcing your newly found business methods, making a complaint are few among them. In the office, it is often the fear factor that bridges a successful but less talented employee from one who is more gifted but less courageous.

Consider improving your overall confidence by often listening to heavy music. Fortunately, there are tons of heavy-beat music available in your own language. You can actually choose the ones you like best depending on the singer, music and other elements.

If you are aware of any heavy music that has inspired you, please share them in the comment section below. Let’s help people develop their confidence. It’s simple. After all, it’s just heavy music and they are easily accessible. 





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