Study Says Food Perks on the Job Benefit Employees

There are a number of hardworking U.S. employees holding up signs outside their jobs declaring: “Will Work For Food.” 

Well, not literally, but in a sense they are according to CBS News' Money Watch.

A recent study discovered that food plays a major part in relation to an employee's satisfaction with his or her job.

In a survey by Seamless-a company that specializes in ordering and delivering food to professional businesses-50 percent of employees said “food-based perks would make them happier with their current employer.”

Receiving meals at work and coupons from local restaurants apparently encourage workers to perform better on the job. It also makes an employee feel valued, and this in return enthuses them to appreciate their job a lot more.

Forty-one percent of survey takers said they wouldn't even think twice about accepting other job proposals if their current job offered food service throughout the day.

However, what's even more intriguing about this report is that 50 percent said they tend to develop better relationships with their colleagues when food is involved. Some believe that sitting down during lunch break together builds better communication and interaction among coworkers.

Well, I couldn't agree more because food is known to be one of the many ways to unite people together. Besides that, food is not only the way to a man's heart but to any person's heart! Food can make you feel happier on the job and give you that extra boost of energy that you would need to complete the rest of the day.  

From personal experience, I used to work at a radio station and always looked forward to our early morning and afternoon sales meetings. My boss at the time would order donuts, sausage biscuits, and other basic breakfast food for his employees. For lunch, a list would normally make its way around the office asking what dish we wanted to order for the day. I rarely had to bring food from home because lunch was always provided.

In-office food deliveries definitely became customary for me and were my favorite part of the day.

Every job thereafter has not had the same perks since I've left the station.

After working a full day, employees can't help but to expect their boss to at least have a complimentary food voucher waiting for them on their desk the next day.

Therefore, employers may want to consider instituting some sort of food perk within their professional establishment. It may just make your employee feel even happier to be part of such a considerate team. 

Image via YouTube