Style Stealing Bags for the Ultimate Office to After Work Look!

Taking style from day to night is never that easy, especially when so much is required of you work-wise. Daytime can often consist of a number of different tasks, tests and treats that mean even the sweetest of clutches just won’t do - no matter how much it goes with the look you were hoping to sport that very same evening. 

There seems to be an unwritten rule that a minimum of your standard daily necessities (think wallet, keys and the essentials), a tablet and/or laptop, the latest case, proposal or client brief plus notes and suggestions, maybe a notebook and at least one cell phone, consists of your daily armour. But carting said armour from A to B, then C, and back to A again, doesn’t sound like it can be done with that much style. 

Or can it?

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Image: lovemeparis

Thankfully, designers are more than aware of the daily struggles of the modern working female. After all, many of them fit this category themselves. Attempting to get through your working day and out to dinner or drinks with your nearest and dearest isn’t just possible, it’s completely achievable and to do so in style. 

When once a daily bag would almost always be carried over the shoulder, and either a medium size or a baguette, to be considered practical, things have (thankfully) changed. Bags have gotten bigger and gained an added level of chic. 

But even when you’re spoilt for choice, it isn’t always easy to feel like you’re sticking to your signature style when you’re almost head to toe in the same look you’ve sported all day. Check out our easy to remember and even easier to follow style guide for carrying out your day to night style, accessories in hand...

fashion, office bag, work bags, day to night style, day to night bag
Image: lovemeparis

6 Steps to Achieving Day to Night Style

• Coordinate your colours

Whether you fancy styling your bag to compliment your outfit or completely contrast it, keep colour at the forefront of your mind. For this, try colour blocking with Marc by Marc Jacobs or even a single block colour will make the statement you’re looking for.

• Make a statement

Use your bag as your finishing touch. Your choice should be standout yet keep the outfit together - that way, you’ll find it easier to take your style from desk to dinner. 

• Carry with care

Care for the rest of your look that is. If you’re favouring heels for day but want to switch it up at night, your bag is your best option. By making sure a change of footwear can be carried at all times - you may not want to switch your bag, but flats to heels or vice versa could be carried out.

• Shake it off

Less of an accessory but vital all the same; your outerwear. A jacket may tie your look together by day, but it will be a bore come night - ditch it and you’ll look brand new.

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• Head first

Not only do your accessories matter, but so does your hair - let your hair down or pin it back, your face will be instantly transformed and so will your overall look. You’ll feel like you’ve completely changed your look.

• And finally, freshen up;

If you’re going to tackle the night ahead, refresh your face and your scent - your spirits will lift along with your complexion. 


style, day to night, work fashion, work style, office bags, bags for work, day to night fashion
Image: lovemeparis

As difficult as it may seem, using your accessory staples, you’ll be able to carry a simple outfit from day to night with style. Whether it’s your favourite tote, a new addition satchel or a statement shoulder bag, wear it well and you’ll feel confident in your look from the board room to the dining room. 


Main image source - Grace Parry