How to Succeed as an Infopreneur

Infopreneurship is becoming a hot trend in today’s entrepreneurial world. An infopreneur - combined from the words ‘information’ and ‘entrepreneur’ - is someone who generates money by delivering information to people who need it instead of digital products or other types of hard goods and services.

Robert Shemin, a bestselling author and wealth advisor for CNN, Fox News, New York Times and Wall Street Journal talks about how you can capitalise on infopreneurship to make sky-high profits. He claims that in today’s information age, people increasingly pay for, respect and value information. You can simply take the information you know and become an entrepreneur by packaging it and selling it. The idea is that you turn what you are passionate about into business.  

Here is a brief plan on how to become a great infopreneur and make the most of information to make a profit:


First and foremost, in order to be able to ‘sell information’ you have to start a business that appeals to what your audience likes. Find out what people want to learn about or search for possible gaps in the information market and try to fill them by providing them with the right information products.

Think of a topic that you are really knowledgeable about and that other’s aren’t familiar with. Your information product can relate to your interests, hobbies, money, investing, debts, social media and internet marketing to name a few. You can also search the specific news or lifestyle blogs for buzz or trends that are in demand.


After deciding on the topic, you need to start creating content on the topic and publish it on the site. When it comes to building content, your material should strive to solve your customers’ problems. This in turn calls for finding out what problems or issues your customers face.

What’s more, the information should create value by transforming their life positively. Therefore, it needs to provide necessary instruction, ideas and inspiration that will take your customers from point A to point B.

Use stories, examples, facts, steps, explanations, images, infographics, worksheets, questions to illustrate your point in a logical manner. The best products keep customers engaged from start to finish.

Monetise Your Information

The next step is to register your site in their databases in search engines such as Google and Yahoo! so that when people search for a topic-related term at the search engines, they are able to find your site. You can also monetise your visitors every time they check out your site. This can be achieved by displaying topic-related ads on your site, providing related products to sell, using affiliate marketing etc.

All in all, infopreneurship is a highly competitive field, because people are thirsty for high-quality, informative and relevant content. Consequently, package the information in a way to attract those being addressed. Understand the needs of your target audience and make the most of infopublishing strategies to operate more efficiently online.