How to Succeed Careerwise when Employment Seems Impossible

If you’re reading this, then I should presume that unemployment has somewhat become a loyal companion. You’ve attended several job interviews and yet despite your very best efforts to exercise different job strategies, nothing really seems to work. And so it’s reached a point where you wonder, do I have a future without employment? This is a question that many find hard to answer because...

#1 It’s been indoctrinated in us since childhood that employment is the ultimate career salvation

It’s really quite unfortunate that today and in years to come, 90% of people will still sing the employment song despite the fact that unemployment is climbing steadily by the day. And sure, people talk about how others get jobs but the real question is, are you the reader employed? Or is your testimony merely based on the successes of others? And on that note...

#2 Many feel like outcasts if they don’t get employed

People are addicted to success, so much so that they’re willing to fake it until they make it.

  • And so, instead of people stating their career situations and problems as they are, many would rather present a hot air version to look as though they’re having the ultimate career experience.
  • In fact, those with permanent jobs tend to be more revered than entrepreneurs.
  • So instead of people being concerned about each other’s careers, they would rather engage in competitive comparisons to prove that their careers are supreme.

This also brings to light the fact that...

#3 Competition is preferred instead of complementation

Those with jobs are too busy preserving their jobs while the unemployed pose a threat to their jobs. And as long as the unemployment figures keep growing, then recruiters are generally spoilt for choice when it comes to finding replacements for ineffective employees. So in the end, such kind of competitive job market environments compel both the employed and unemployed to merely fight for their own survival.

How then does one succeed in their career when employment seems impossible?

So here’s the deal - forget about employment statistics for a moment because we’re addressing this issue from an individual’s perspective, and not a statistical one. That being said, if employment seems impossible, then there are a few cards at your disposal.

Think into the future ahead of others

Majority dwell on the now. The problem with this monotonous perception of reality is that you find yourself caught off-guard and overwhelmed by emerging career challenges. Take a case where you choose a career path based on peer influence.

  • Like when they told you to aim for white collar jobs and consequently, you ended up neglecting your blue collar skills and talent.
  • Maybe your skill and talent didn’t sound lucrative a few years ago, but today, you see people with similar talent making it big in their careers.
  • So in essence, stop merely focusing on today’s opportunities because they’re already everyone’s secret.
  • If today is your only perspective regarding careers, then you’ll find yourself quite inadequate to say the least.

Have an Indifferent Mentality backed by a Solid and Realistic Career Plan

The topic of this article is "How to Succeed Careerwise when employment SEEMs impossible". This isn’t a verified statement of fact. Instead, it is an individual’s perspective of reality. Having said that,

  • If you become too optimistic, then you might be in for plenty of disappointments.
  • Similarly, if you become too pessimistic, then some really hot opportunities might pass you by.
  • So really, you want a guaranteed career destiny. This can only be achieved by an indifferent approach to career progress, one step at a time.
  • And though we mentioned earlier that you should look into the future, just make sure that you have a realistic and solid career plan.

Nonetheless, there’s something else you should put into serious consideration...

Be less choosey when it comes to the kind of career opportunities you currently aspire for.

I understand the pride of sticking to your standards and principles. But at the end of the day, change will either embrace you or run over you.

  • So you need to look into the future with a BROADER perspective to boost your luck.
  • Will this strategy guarantee eventual employment? Certainly not but whether you end up employed or unemployed, you’ll certainly have a versatile career profile.
  • We’re talking about a variety of career connections, exposures and opportunities. And who knows? A few years down the line, sharing your career life story might be the ultimate key to your dream job.

So what are you waiting for?

Regardless of your employment or unemployment situation, everyone is entitled to career success. We’ve heard of people who’ve been broken by the frustrations of job seeking, only to bounce back later on despite their employment or unemployment circumstance. As Winston Churchill once said, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts".

Sourced Image: Wide Wallpapers