How to Succeed in Sales and Close the Deal

Tony Robbins said, “Good salespeople are found, not trained.” I’m on the fence about this statement. I agree that some people are born “with it”. However, you can be trained in selling techniques, delivering value to customers, and learning how to close a deal. Moving from a first impression to a signed contract takes work. There are some proven techniques which can help you succeed in sales and close the deal.  

Learn Proven Techniques on How to Close the Deal

Step # 1: Cultivate the Perfect Sales Pitch Presentation

Your sales pitch needs to be well-prepared and concise if you hope to make a sale and close the deal. Wendy Weiss is known as the “Queen of Cold Calling.” According to Ms. Weiss, the word “sales” doesn’t mean talking at someone, but rather talking with someone. Ms. Weiss advises that, “A good pitch is one where you ask questions, listen to the prospect, and offer them a solution to a problem.” Be wise in how you utilize your time. If you’re driving or walking back to the office, take a moment to review your pitch approach. Remember, that first impressions can make or break a sale. Be confident and make the most of your time with the prospect and don’t waste it on over-talking. It’s important to be professional in your approach. Make eye contact and stay focused on cultivating the perfect pitch presentation.

Step # 2: Execute the Presentation Game Plan

In order to successfully close the deal, you need to follow a sequence of steps. A successful pitch or presentation will always lead the prospect to a common-sense conclusion—to purchase the product or service. However, one wrong turn in the sequence can make you lose a sale. You need to have a game plan as you sequentially present your pitch.

Step # 3: Foster a Captivating Atmosphere

No one wants to speak to a sales person who seems to be reading off a script. People seek out genuine interaction with others in their personal relationships. The same principle applies to this scenario. You need to find a way to mesh the facts with a captivating atmosphere. Show the prospect that you care enough about him or her as a human being and not only as a possible sale.

Step # 4: Maintain a Professional Demeanor

If you can maintain a professional demeanor while you are giving your pitch, you have a higher probability of closing the deal. Controlling the mood or tone of the conversation is vital. Most likely, your prospect is going to respond better to a poised and optimistic attitude. Balance the emotions you convey and only banter when appropriate. If a prospect reacts to you in a negative way, it is important for you to respond and not react. Kevin Eikenberry is a leadership expert who has shared Six Ways to Respond Rather than React. Remember, that your prospect needs to feel comfortable around you and know that you are an ally so don’t be adversarial.   

Step # 5: Become an Expert in your Product or Service

If you are speaking with a prospect and you constantly need to check back at your notes or product and service information, he or she will quickly lose confidence in you. Closing the deal will be highly unlikely. Becoming an expert in your product or service will show your competence and promote a sense of trust in your company. Be prepared with your presentation. If you have brochures or marketing information to share, keep them in an organized fashion in your briefcase or bag so that you can easily access the right ones. Even though you want to become an “expert” in your product or service, don’t act like you have all the answers if you don’t know something. Admitting that you don’t know a fact doesn’t diminish your credibility. Confidently share that you will find the answer to the question and then get back to them as soon as possible. Such behavior will continue to foster trust between you and the prospect.

Step # 6: Confidently Close the Deal

This is the step where you will ask for the sale. After each sales presentation that you do, there comes a point at the end where a decision will need to be made by the prospect. Will he or she say yes to purchase your product or service? Will the prospect say yes to get you past the gatekeeper and to the decision maker? You hope that the answer to both scenarios is a resounding “yes”. Remember to be professional and proceed forward with tactfulness. If you have followed these techniques and cultivated a level of trust, you’re probability of closing the deal increases.

Closing the deal and delivering the perfect sales pitch takes a consistent effort and requires self-discipline. You need to start the process with cultivating the perfect presentation and have a comprehensive game plan. Fostering a captivating atmosphere sets the tone for the presentation. You also need to maintain a professional demeanor at all times and respond rather than react to your prospect. Become an expert in your product and services so that you can close the deal with confidence.


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