Success Tidbits From Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is indeed one of the biggest celebrities around. Yes, she is married to David Beckham. But we all know that she was perhaps an even bigger celebrity than her husband when they tied the knot. Who doesn’t know Posh Spice of the Spice Girls group? Now she has her own fashion brand.

Needless to say, she has already made it a success. Celebrities from all over the globe have already started making inquiries. Recently she was cast in a video where she offered tidbits from her entrepreneurial journey.

Victoria Beckham has done what all successful entrepreneurs do – she took the right kind of risk at the right time and ensured that her strategy was watertight. She, of course, has the advantage of being a celebrity.

But don’t we know enough about celebrities that failed in their entrepreneurial journeys? Nicky Hilton, Britney Spears, Hulk Hogan and Kanye West are just a few such names. But Victoria made a difference and she shared with the world her mantra for success.

If you want to make it big in life, it is worthwhile going through these success mantras offered by the lady.

Get as much experience as you can

No matter what your field of work is, you should gain as much experience as you can. With more experience you will gain more skills. Take Mrs. Beckham for example. She was already successful as a music artist, but she wanted more.

She started off by designing jeans for Rock & Republic and got some excellent critical response. This was her first experience with fashion designing and she put in everything into it to ensure that she got the right kind of experience and mastered it.

Be passionate about your job and work hard

You can only be successful in your job if you have the passion for it. If you like cooking and pick up a career in bookkeeping, you are bound to get bored soon. You will not be able to work hard enough because you will not feel like. On the other hand, if you pick up a job that you are passionate about, hard work will come naturally.

Although Victoria did quite well as a designer for Rock & Republic, but her passion for more didn’t ebb there. She gained experience and started her own fashion line, dVb Style. She didn’t even stop here. She also started her line of fragrances and sunglasses under the brand name Intimately Beckham.

Don’t be bothered about self-doubt

Everyone, including Victoria Beckham, have self-doubts springing from within, every now and then. When Victoria first thought about designing, do you think she didn’t have those butterflies fluttering about inside her stomach? Yes, she did and you will also sometimes feel that you are not fit for the job you are doing.

There will be times when you will feel that you should give up because you are not able to taste success. Let these thoughts come to your mind, but don’t let them linger. Brush them under the carpet and give in your best. This is among the most important tidbits from our celebrity lady in question here.

Maintain work-life balance

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Work hard but don’t just work. You have a family that waits for you to go back home. Take out quality time for your family and you will find that you are happier at work. And when you are happier at work, you will naturally give it your best.

No work-life balance means more stress and more stress means burnout. As far as Victoria is concerned, she is a busy entrepreneur, but she is always by the side of her husband. David Beckham is a popular public figure and the way his wife is around him all the time is truly admirable.

Go gradually

Don’t put too much pressure on your mind if you are taking time to learn something new. It happens to all of us. Simply ensure that you continue to work as hard as you can, but you keep learning with every step. Victoria also followed this principle.

After launching her apparel, sunglasses and perfumes, she also ventured into jewelry and handbags in association with Shiatzy Chen and Samantha Thavasa.

Constantly improve

Even when you think you have mastered a job, don’t let it get to your head. Keep looking for areas of improvement. If you think there are none, look to start a new job. Stagnation is the worst thing that can happen to you.

This is precisely what Victoria has done. She started something, mastered it and moved on to another line of entrepreneurship. Success came fast to her because she was always willing to learn and do more.

Victoria Beckham didn’t taste success overnight. When she started her singing career, she had to struggle a lot. She could have married someone successful and led a happily married life, but she chose not to. She put in all her effort and hard work into converting her business from scratch to what it is today. She is perfectly qualified to offer her success tidbits. And you would do well to listen to what she has to say.