How to Successfully Boost Your Social Media Visibility

The benefits of a positive social media presence cannot be underestimated in the rapid fire market place that exists today. By leveraging the public’s desire for interaction and feedback, it is possible to create a situation where your company is viewed in a positive manner.  Here are some of the most popular tools you can use to create the most effective social media presence possible.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites online. By creating a popular gathering spot, the service has earned its place on the digital devices for nearly every western person alive. Even babies are created pages (by their parents, of course.)

By utilizing this service, you are able to reach out directly to potential clients and interact with them in a way that typically could only occur while they were in the store. It is now possible to receive feedback in nearly real time, giving you the ability to change development and production schedules to better suit what the clients want.

Additionally, this gives you the opportunity to address any forms of criticism that may come out. Considering the popularity of the service, people are constantly creating reviews of products and services they use. When there is a problem, you can directly reach out to the consumer and fix it. This translates what could have been a market ender, to something that actually improves your standing with the public.


Sometimes a short message can have a greater impact on the public than anything else. More and more companies are using this service to increase interest in products and services, by giving out codes for discounts and small tidbits of information about themselves. This is best utilized in conjunction with another service, such as a personal website or Facebook.

For companies looking to create meaningful discussions, Twitter Chats (formed with hashtags) have been shown to be highly effective in stirring public discourse.


A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes. This service enables you to take advantage of the fact that most people are too busy to sit down and read an article. Instead of having to explain in two hundred words why your product is better than the competition, you can prove your point with a simple bar graph.

Pictures of happy customers also help, as it connects your company with a good time. For instance, say your company produces umbrellas. Have one of your signature umbrellas appear in a photograph of a couple on their wedding day. The caption can be, “Our umbrella saved their wedding day!”

Google Plus

This service is not as well used as the rest, though it does have some popularity among those tied into the Google ecosystem. By utilizing this service, you can invite people to contact your company directly through Google Hangouts, or have a one-button click option to send you an email.

The important thing when creating a viable social media presence is to utilize several different mediums, and be responsive to everyone that sends you a message. By being proactive, it is possible to create the impression that your company truly cares about the public, and how it can improve the market through the creation and marketing of unique and effective products and services.

Done properly, you will receive the data needed to understand exactly where your company succeeds, and where it fails. All data is good, if it utilized to improve your company and improve the bottom line for you and your stock holders. Just remember to have fun, and be ready with a joke!


Image: techland.time




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