How to Successfully Work With Your Spouse

Your spouse is someone that you love and respect. Depending on the scenario, working with your spouse could bring a variety of positive changes to your relationship. However, it could also create negative feelings and emotions as well.

Whether you start a business or work in the same office, you will need to work well with one another. This can mean that work-life balance is taken to a whole new level. In order to keep your relationship strong, consider some of the following tips:

Keep Work Separate From Home and Vice Versa

The first thing you need to do is find a proper balance. If you’re going to successfully work together, you need to separate work from home. The dynamic at home is much different than work. You need to learn how to separate the two.

The most crucial aspect here is that your life at home, doesn’t carry over into your work world. The same goes for your work and home-life. You need to find that balance. If your husband forgot to take out the trash, don’t hold that against him at work. If your wife missed a sale, don’t punish her when you get home.

This seems like it may be a hard task to accomplish, but it is do-able. You need to learn that the two do not mix. Treat your relationship at home like you’re husband and wife. At work, you’re still husband and wife, but treat your relationship as though you’re co-workers. You need to work together to benefit the business, even if you do not always agree on decisions and plans. Do what is best for the business, while keeping your relationship stable.

Respect Each Other

Every aspect of both home and work, will run much smoother if there’s always mutual respect. Although this seems obvious, many of us forget the ’little things’ when it comes to our spouse. Say please and thank-you, just as you would to any of your customers. Maintain this standard at home and you will be happy to go into work with your spouse.

If your spouse has an idea regarding business plans, respect their suggestions. You may not agree at first, but explore those ideas further. Could it work? Could it benefit the business? If you do not give their ideas a chance, how can you expect them to accept your ideas? You’re a team, remember that respect is everything.

Encourage Healthy Separation and Individuality

If you work and live with your spouse, it can be challenging to maintain a sense of individuality. Being a unique person is very important, you need to encourage this in each other. Every person needs a little bit of space. When we’re alone, we’re able to process our thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

After work, make sure you’re spending some time apart. Even if it means meeting up with friends for a drink once a week. That time is needed, allowing each other to unwind. You can even walk to work at different times. This separate commute can do wonders for your identity.

If possible, separate your working spaces as well. This will give you that extra bit of space that you may need. If there’s joint assignments, then you can work in a neutral area. If you both work from home, switch it up. You can go somewhere that has Wi-Fi access, like a library. You can work independently or collectively. Depending on the location of the library, you may have a nice day out with one another while creating some space.

Don’t Hover and Assign Roles

It is hard to work if someone is constantly nagging you. You need to trust your spouse, allowing them to fulfill their duties. If you are constantly looking over their work, you’re effectively slowing down the progress of everything else. You are also basically implying that you do not trust them.

If you own a business together, it’s best if you each have your own assigned roles. This will highlight the strengths of one another. That way, you will spend less energy on hovering and more time accomplishing your goals. This will not only create a successful business, but a more successful relationship. Trust is everything, in both a work-partnership and a life-partnership.

Working with your spouse can be an amazing experience. You get to grow together through life, and within your careers. Just remember, respect and trust one another. If you have positive energy towards one another, your work and home life will be enjoyable.

Just learn to leave work at work, as it can consume you if you do not. The same goes for issues at home. If you have difficulties, leave those problems until after work. If you cannot separate the two, that is when problems arise.


Image: istock