How to Supplement Your Income When You Need Money

With 40 percent of Americans reportedly living paycheck to paycheck, it’s apparent that our current full-time incomes are not enough. Either we need to cut back on our expenses, or we need to be earning more money. Since many will refuse to do the former, it’s important that households start to increase their earnings, and this may be solved by a supplementary income.

As more and more households struggle to scrape by, household members have to come up with clever ways to get some more money into their pockets, or in some cases their PayPal accounts. One of these ways is to use the power of the Internet, which provides a large number of opportunities to earn cash, some lucrative and some not so much.

In addition, there are plenty of old-fashioned ways to supplement your full-time, career income. This could consist of simply applying for a part-time job. Whatever the case, it’s crucial for a lot of people to look into supplemental forms of income just to stay afloat, or to put a little bit of cash into your savings account.

Who knows? Perhaps your side gig could become your permanent full-time job if you’re successful. We’ve compiled a list with ten different ideas for you to choose from. Read on to find what you can do today to supplement your income.

1. Walking Dogs and Petsitting Cats

Dog walking and petsitting are really high in demand side gigs around today. With a lot of people working demanding jobs and a growing number of people working from home, offering dog walking and petsitting services has become a tremendous boon for so many individuals, whether they’re retirees or remote work professionals.

Since cats and dogs shouldn’t be left at home alone for long periods of time, this is a service that many people realize is necessary to ensure the health of their cats and dogs and other pets.

Here are some websites and mobile apps to check out to make the entire process easier:

  • DogVacay: a so-called Airbnb for pets.
  • Pet Cloud: a GPS tracker for dogwalkers.
  • Cam2Pet: a pet and dogsitter app that allows owners to hear and see their pets.
  • Urban Leash: on demand dog walking and cat sitting app.

For your information, prior to launching this kind of side gig, you may have to check with your local municipal by-laws. Many cities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom require dogwalkers to have some sort of license. We know, we know. It’s quite bothersome.

2. Applying Your Knowledge With Tutoring

Are you a history buff? Do you have a Ph.D. in astrophysics? Is that college English diploma just accumulating dust? Well, perhaps tutoring is your best option to earn some extra income. Whether it’s tutoring grade school students in the realm of geography or helping high school seniors ace their math exams, tutoring is a fantastic way to earn a couple of hundred dollars per month. Of course, you can tutor your pupils in person or through Skype/Google Hangouts.

3. Become a Renowned Task Rabbit in the Area

If you have neighbors that are too busy to complete their own grocery shopping, or you have an executive friend who is too busy to pick up his own dry cleaning then perhaps this is your opportunity to become a task rabbit. You could become so good in this industry that you could become a renowned professional in your region!

Perhaps offering such services to your friends, neighbors or family is embarrassing. In that case, you can easily check out various websites that specialize in this niche. Here is a brief list:

  • Craigslist: check out the services and gigs sections.
  • Task Rabbit: an online and mobile marketplace to outsource menial tasks.
  • Ask for Task: also an online marketplace to outsource small jobs.
  • Kijiji: a website similar to Craigslist, so check out its services and gigs sections.

4. Take Advantage of Amazon's Mechanical Turk

As part of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the ecommerce juggernaut maintains a crowdsourcing Internet marketplace known as Amazon Mechanical Turk. This allows businesses and individuals to connect with others that perform tasks that computers simply can’t do, also known as Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). This can consist of writing product descriptions, taking part in contests or beta testing websites. In other words, if a computer can’t do it, then you could earn a few extra bucks.

5. Sell Your Genius in the Internet Marketplace

You have an amazing knack for designing doggy boots. You have a talent for redesigning old movie posters. You are astute in writing political fantasy novels. Whatever it is that you’re good at, you should start selling your genius in the Internet marketplace. There are so many websites where you could establish your own digital store and earn a living selling stuff you’ve made to interested consumers. Your success won’t happen overnight so it will take some marketing.

With that being said, here are some sites that you should consider checking out, besides the usual Amazon, eBay or Facebook:

CV Writing Services
CV Writing Services
  • Etsy: an online marketplace for artists who design and sell handmade and vintage items.
  • GoSpaces: a digital marketplace that offers ways for businesses and individuals to sell products online.
  • Sears: that’s right! One of the biggest department stores maintains an online marketplace for you to sell stuff.
  • Newegg: one of the biggest online retailers in the U.S. now has an online marketplace.

6. Car for Hire, Or How You Can be an Uber Driver

Do you own a car that is just expensive to own and maintain? Then perhaps you may have considered becoming an Uber driver. Although the ride-sharing app has become a controversial business, nearly all of its drivers have been able to either earn a decent living from the app or have been able to supplement their income by simply picking up passengers and dropping them off to anywhere they need to go. In exchange, they receive money for this service.

7. Produce Content: Articles, Blogs or YouTube

Creating content has become the go-to supplementary income source. And why not? If you write well, maintain an interesting blog on a unique topic or have a stellar personality for YouTube then you can easily earn a couple of hundred dollars per month. Indeed, it will take time at first but you can eventually earn some extra cash.

If you have a knack for the written word, then these websites should be your primary sources:

8. Have Free Time? Be an Extra on a Film Set

Being an extra has to be one of the easiest jobs around. Of course, it eats up a lot of your time and can be boring at times, but if you’re a professional extra then you could earn up to $200 per day. Not to mention you could mingle with celebrities, be a part of the production process and perhaps even catch your big break in Hollywood! If you perform a simple Google search then you’ll find numerous directories and agents to help you become a film extra.

9. Join an Online Jury

Finally! Getting paid decent money for being a juror! No longer do you have to take time away from your job, eat terrible sandwiches and listen to boring cases for just $10 a day.

In order to prepare for trials and cases, lawyers will hire one of many companies to offer access to individuals who can serve as online jurors. These firms will then pay you to review or consider the attorney’s case. You won’t be earning as much as an attorney, but you can earn anywhere from $10 to $100 per case.

These are just some of the websites around today:

10. Work as a Data Collector

Yes, there are plenty of scams around that call for data entry work, but those are simply schemes that require you to type in CAPTCHA codes, ask for your bank accounts or pay you pittance for a large chunk of work. However, a data collector can earn a nice sum of change by performing certain responsibilities:

  • Finding, locating and typing in industry contacts for databases.
  • Researching and jotting down prices at stores or ecommerce website.
  • Seeking out coffee shops in a 10-mile radius in a small town or city.

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The list goes on. These ideas sound very simple, and they are. But be sure to vet each job, company or website before you decide to sign up, or apply, for such a gig. In the last few years, the Internet has created a plethora of jobs and employment opportunities that pay very well, or pay for your morning coffees. Whatever your goal is, taking advantage of the various jobs, gigs and tasks is the big step to help supplement your income when you need the cash. Remember, your wages are stagnating and the cost of living is going up, so you’ll need something, anything, to help put some more dollars, pounds or euros in your wallet.

Do you have any sort of supplementary income coming in at the moment? Let us know in the comment section below.




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