Surprising Starts to Successful Start-ups [infographic]

Did you know that two out of the most successful start-ups in the world were founded in a garage? The famous entrepreneurs behind Google and Apple couldn’t have thought that their business would have been such a success! Currently making more money than they could have ever imagined, these tech companies as well as other equally successful organisations have managed to become leaders of the global market and because of great ideas!

This infographic from the Washington State University’s College of Business, offers a useful insight into the surprising and humble beginnings of the top 10 companies which rule the world, back to when and where each company was founded!

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If you have just graduated and want to start your own business, take some inspiration from these famous entrepreneurs who were once in your place and prepare to transform your unique business ideas into action!

Are you planning on starting your business from a garage? Or do you have more grand ideas? Your thoughts and comments below please...