Survival Tips for Conducting your First Employee Appraisal

If you are conducting your first employee appraisal then it is advised to brush up on the dos and don’ts of performance reviews. As a new manager, it is your responsibility to set the boundaries and expectations of your staff and by conducting regular performance appraisals; you can gain a good understanding of their opinions and concerns.

It is important that you use your time wisely in an employee appraisal; cover all relevant topics ad be sure to give the employee an opportunity to give their own feedback.

Here are some useful tips on how to survive giving your first employee appraisal…



  • Avoid using harsh or discerning words such as ‘always’ and ‘never’
  • Never surprise the employee with anything you will be covering
  • Provide regular feedback to your staff so that they have time to adjust and correct things before they go through a review
  • Don’t focus solely on the good or the bad, try to keep the review as balanced as possible
  • Never allow your personal opinions of someone to cloud your professional opinion
  • Don’t allow for one characteristic (good or bad) of an employee to dominate the entire review
  • Never rate all your employees highly jut so that it reflect well on your as their manager
  • Be sure to provide constructive criticism and not just give negative feedback
  • Try to avoid the subject of remuneration during an employee appraisal unless the employee brings up the topic
  • Structure the appraisal based on a two way system whereby you give the employee ample time to give their opinions and feedback on matters you have brought up

Most companies in a bid to help employees understand where their strengths and skills lie use performance reviews. The aim of such a review is not solely to identify the good points but also to identify the areas that need improvement on.

In large organizations, there may not be much time for employees to discuss with management their concerns or issues that they want to resolve and so performance reviews or appraisals provide a great opportunity to bring these topics up.

Read over the above tips on how to survive giving your first employee appraisal and you will significantly increase your chances of giving great reviews and gaining respect from you staff.